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Scheduled Blood Work for Week 8


I just scheduled blood work for week 8 of my Test E / Dbol cycle.

wk 1-8: Test E at 300mg E3D
wk 7-10: Dbol at 40mg ED
I am running adex and hcg, and have my pct lined up for week 11.

My insurance will cover my lipid levels, testosterone, and liver functions.

...as long I claim that I have chronic fatigue due to low test levels. Im 23. I have baseline blood work taken 2 weeks before this cycle, taken at a different lab, with a different doc.

Whats this new doc going to say/do when the results come back with test levels through the roof? Will I end up having to pay for the 500 dollar lab out of pocket? Should I just scratch the testosterone check and only get liver/lipid?

I was hoping to save 100 bucks by not doing an online free and total testosterone check...


Insurance may not like the test results.

You may get away with it once, but another time may be difficult.

These are all educated guesses, I get most of my blood work done from a third party.


Why don't you just not do bloodwork? Personally I wouldn't be letting my insurance know my test levels are 3-4x what they should be for an average male. I don't think they are idiots and may hold that against you if you are hospitalized for something else, who knows.


at least 3-4x ... you are at basically 600mg weekly...100mg prodeuces a level comparable to the normal level in males. You are going to have a problem here trust me, i have been running my labs for many years regularly.

Do not have your testosterone levels checked...why would you...just so you can say wow look at that? You know it is going to be sky high which can only cause problems. That being said why don't you wait and have ALL the labs run after PCT, which would then give you useful information about the success and/or failure of your PCT and a good snap shot of your general health. I see no point at all in doing this mid cycle.



The only time one has hormone levels checked mid cycle is to assess estrogen management.

Having lipids, BP and LFT (oral AAS) during cycles are sensible, and can be done under the guise of a regular health check.

Post cycle you can get it all done PLUS you are likely to have a lower T level and a higher E level which while YOU know it temporary (hopefully!) your doctor will think may require treatment - allowing you to get at LEAST a couple of scripts for some AI and HCG, or even 'set up' TRT for later in life.


Thanks all. I see no reason to get hormones checked now. Lipids, BP and Liver function only.


If my PCT extends from week 11 until the end of week 14. (Nolva 40,40,20,20) When would be an ideal time to get post cycle blood work done? week 15? or later?


Depends what you are looking to your bloods to tell you.

You can (using common sense) tell me when you would have a hormone panel done if the aim was to see if your system is functioning as normal after a cycle - and you will also know when the best time would be to test to see if T levels are low enough to begin your post cycle recovery..

You don't need to know anything about anything to know the answer to these, just possess some common sense.
If you do not, i'd warn against using hormones as i find common sense quite a necessity when dealing with the side effects that inevitably come from their use.

I am not being a cunt (maybe i am but i cant see it..) but merely showing you that you know the answer to your question already.