Schedule w/2 Days of Kick Boxing & Jiu Jitsu

Currently my schedule is

7:30 Pm each day
Monday - Bi/Tris
Tuesday - Legs
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Chest/Shoulders
Friday - Back/Calves

and abs whenever I have time.

Kick Boxing classes will be
Mon and Wednesday 6:15-7:15

Jiu-Jitsu will be
Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30-8:30

I’m worried that the kick boxing class on monday will wear me out too much to do arm session after, so I want to develop a schedule that I can keep to still have an arm day, but have enough rest inbetween days to not overtrain. The leg day isn’t as important because the conditioning I’ll be getting from training will be more than enough.

Any suggestions would be nice, thanks!

Why are you doing an arm day?

Because I feel two days of Gym time isn’t giving me enough of a workout. Typically on the arm days I do chest/back/shoulder supporting workouts like dips, close grip bench, etc. since I have a lot of rest time inbetween.

What are your goals? Truth be told, I find arms day pretty pointless. Especially if you’re a fighter. Those bizeps curlz, brah, ain’t gonna do shit for you. The only kind of ‘arms’ I do is weighted dips.

Another thing I’d like to say, even though it’s been a few hours since my last post, is: ditch the bench press; including variations. I don’t bench anymore and I don’t think any one should, either.
I found punching people/bags and benching lead way to shoulder pain. As well, benching is a fairly “useless” exercise. There are few, bar no, situations where you will be on your back, trying to push something off of you. Upright pushing strength comes from center of gravity (dropping your body low) with a healthy dose of leg/back strength/drive. So where does the bench come in? It doesn’t.

A lot of the power you generate for punching will come from the hips/legs/back, so in terms of muay thai, it’s useless.
As for BJJ, there are (very very few) times when you can ‘bench press’ your opponent away, but in most situations, that is not the case; technique is the biggest factor.

Do you want to look good? Then adopt a body builder approach, which includes a lot of flys and stuff like that (for chest) and drop the fighting. While some people bench, other people’s experience tells me it doesn’t do as much for chest muscle recruitment as we’d like to think. I don’t bench though, so that is for you to figure out.

You’re interested in deadlifting, squatting and benching big? Then adopt a powerlifter regime, and drop the fighting.

You wanna be a fighter? Drop the bench press, and drop arm day. Just gonna tire you out and doesn’t really help much anyway. Better spend that time recuperating, training your back/legs, doing drills or conditioning.

I have found that when training for a fight. I drop weightlifting all together or only one day a week as augmentation. Right now I thinkg punching thai pads develops a lot of strong punches and my detls are whooped to shit so I don’t want to do bench press or over head press so I can spend more time working of combos and movement.

If I am way away from a fight then I focus more on strength and power, normally 2-3 nights a week in the gym and I find it translates well on the ground or wrestling. Again before a fight I start to seriously think my game is off too much and focus on technique more and more.

I agree that the most important question here is “What are your goals?”

If you want to fight in any capacity this schedule and workout plan sucks ass. If you want to be a bodybuilder who also claims he knows MMA, it looks fantastic.

But you’ve only got so much energy. You can’t master both.

Fighting is something I’ve always been interested in and taking these classes is like dipping my toes into water, if it is something for me that I would like to pursue deeper, then things will change. Unforunately my gym only offers kick boxing classes twice a week and mostly focused on jiu jitsu through the rest of the week, which is fine with me. I don’t plan on being a competitive fighter anytime soon, if ever, just want to get the experience and find another pastime. If it ever got to the point of competitive fighting, then obviously a more fight focused schedule would be developed.

I’m not looking for a body building physique, I just like to feel and look healthy. Lifting is my excuse to eat proper, save money, and keep myself out of trouble. I don’t bench, except for the close grip, I typically play with dumbbells; much easier without a spotter, if it makes a difference.

If anyone has any suggestions where I can effectively use my off days from training, I’m all ears. I wouldn’t be posting here if I knew my schedule would work, so constructive criticism is definitely desired.

Why not use the fighting as a reason to eat proper, save money and keep yourself out of trouble?
Hell, by removing the gym aspect, you save on a gym membership.

Legendary, my work schedule doesn’t allow for that, having the gym available leaves a lot of flexibility.

I realize my first thread here was to gain weight, but my goals since then have changed… Just in case anyone is looking at my post history.

How does that work?
How does having less free time work for your schedule and having more free time doesn’t?
Sounds like an oxy moron.

My WORK schedule conflicts with a proper combat sport training schedule, therefore having the gym available to work out leaves a lot of flexibility to keep myself busy on days I can’t get with an instructor.

If I can only train in a combat sport 3 days out of 7 day week, that leaves me with 4 days with my thumb up my ass. I would prefer to use one or two of those 4 days, if not more, staying busy and productive without over training my body.