Schedule of Busy Student

Hey guys, I’ve been having a road block hit me lately and it looks like it will be around for the next month at least. It seems that school and work have gotten the better part of me and my training and nutrition have been practically non exsistant. I am wondering if anybody has any good lifting regimans and how to keep my nutrition in check. I was able to keep a food log and watch everything go in to my mouth. But, now i’m lucky to eat when I can and just eat whatever may be in sight. Any articles about eating on the go out there? Any advice about training or eating from fellow busy t-men would be greatly appreaciated.

You might want to look at “School Days” (parts 1 and 2) by doing a search in the previous issues section. Beyond that, the only advice that I can give you is to MAKE time to eat instead of FINDING time to eat. Just think of it as a lifestyle, comparable to anything you do in your everyday life. For instance, if you enjoy watching football, you wouldn’t spontaneously decide to skip watching your favorite team’s game in favor of figure skating just because things got hectic or you had a lot of schoolwork. Maybe it isn’t a perfect analogy, but it’s the principle that is important. For me, college is only as difficult as I make it. If you procrastinate, then your diet and training will suffer as you try to catch up. Just think of it as a prerequisite to getting and keeping a good job. You’ll have a pink slip in your mailbox pretty damn fast if you drag your heels in getting stuff done. If you plan ahead, though, your work will be done, you’ll be able to prepare food ahead of time, and you can concentrate on going balls to the wall in the gym. In the end, the choice you have to make is whether you will make proper training and nutrition an integral part of your life. I’ve made that choice, but I realize that many other college students don’t have the same commitment or willpower that I do. Good luck.

I agree with Eric 100%. I would ALSO become good friends with Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Zip-Lock, the host of “hot/cold” portable coolers on the market, AND with the bottling of your water. (The average college student I see nowdays carries some type of pack or knapsack anyway. To add a container or two and some water won’t add much to the weight at all!)

I’m an airline pilot who works 12+ hour days with only airplane and airport food to eat. I carry protein bars, trail mix (nuts and seeds only), and a Ziplock bag of Advanced Protein with a shaker bottle. If I get desperate, I get burgers and throw away the buns. I’m will have to have to carry a suitcase of food for Growth Surge Pt II, which I will start next week since my MAG-10 arrived today.

Take 3-4 hours on Sunday to plan your eating for the week. For me, it takes about an hour to gather my weekly load from the grocery store. As soon as I get home, I start cooking. Make a huge batch of chili, boil some eggs, cook up a vat of brown rice, whatever. It seems like a lot of time, but it pays off Monday-Friday when you just have to take about 5 minutes to load your tupperwares into your knapsack.

That brings back crazy memories. I was going to college in Massachusetts (I live in Maine), so I’d come home every other weekend and cook up about 10 pounds of eye of round, freeze it, and take it back to my dorm refridgerator for the next two weeks. The school cafe didn’t have decent red meat, so I had to go the extra mile. Luckily, I’ve transferred, and am now commuting. It’s really nice to only have to cook one meal at a time!