Schedule is so jacked...

Currently Ive had the hardest time making my schedule work for me. Boxing is very overwhelming right now, work, training for nationals. I feel as if nothing I do is helping right now. Anyway, I need some top notch assistance is my preparation for Nationals on August 28th. In specifics, nutrition, eating pattern. To break a normal week down for you here it is:
5am-10am - WORK
10-12pm - Renegade Training
12-3pm - Postworkout shake, small meal
3-6pm - WORK
6-8pm - Boxing Practice
8-8:30pm - stretch, drive home
8:30-9pm - Relax, drink PW shake
10:30pm - Eat Dinner

That’s what my Monday - Fridays look like

On saturday and sunday, the only thing that changes is that there is no Renegade Training and there is no WORK. But boxing practice still exists at 3pm.

Everyday so far, I wake up full from dinner the night before and usually drink Coffee, at around 7am I have a small break from work and usually eat 1 cup oats, 1 banana, and 2 scoops whey. Then at around 10-11am I begin RT. at noon I have 3 scoops of powerdrive and protein. Then at around 2pm I usually have a whole grain tuna sandwich with an apple. I then have boxing practice at 6pm, no food until afterwards otherwise it comes right out during practice. After practice I usually have a Post-workout shake then wait about 1:30-2 hours and eat something like brown rice, black beans, chicken, turkey, fish, good wholesome low glycemic foods.

Now, the problem is that I don’t have the energy I had before in preparation for fights, I was doing the warrior diet before my last fights and really hated it, so Im trying to stay away from it, but Im going from low blood glucose levels that need naps. My energy is non existent Im always walking around with a crash type feeling, except in the morning with coffee, but four hours later and Im dead.

Anyone have any suggestions here?

Da Boxer

Hay man, I know exactly what you mean. I train 31/2 hours M-F in Muay Thai, BJJ, and Boxing. Saturday and Sunday is my Krav Maga classes for 2 hours. You failed to mention your sleep patterns or how much you sleep per night. Get at least 6 hours per night but everyone is different some need 6 and others 9 to function optimally. Try adding more carbs in the morning and about an hour before renegade training and boxing. For some people renegade training has just too much volume, you might try to decrees your total GPP both weighted and non-weighted. But its hard to say without seeing your program. Just general recommendations! If you need more help just ask.