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Schedule Focus: Rear Delts, Traps, Glutes, Posture

Looking to get some opinions on my new program.

My focus is to build a balanced workout plan. Typically I spend a lot of time at a computer and have had shoulder injuries in the past (too much push not enough pull). I’ve been to Physical Therapy and have rehabbed my shoulder quite well. I still go every few weeks, just to make sure everything’s ok. My shoulder is pretty healthy now. However, External rotation at 90 degrees abduction is still tight due to my surgery, which is a good thing, since it keeps my shoulder healthy (but I still want to maintain flexibility etc), and I’m quite upper trap dominant (a common issue, exaggerated from compensating for imbalances).

So I’m focusing on

  1. Gaining and maintaining flexibility / strength in external shoulder rotation.
  2. Balancing out upper traps with mid / lower traps. I’m trying to avoid exercises that work out upper traps. And focus hard on ones for lower and mid.
  3. Focus on Glute strength to avoid poor posture / anterior pelvic tilt.
  4. Strengthen rear delts and make sure I’m pulling at least (if not as much) as pushing
  5. Strengthen scapula depression / retraction / upward rotation / muscles that keep scapula from winging (namely low/mid traps and serratus)
  6. General Posture

Here’s the plan:

Floor Angles (stretch) to stretch out pecs and lats and increase overhead ROM
YWTI prone on bench (shoulder mobility) 1 x 5 / each position
Single Arm Lower Trap Raise 1 x 10 / each arm (optional)

Cool down:
Floor angles
Foam Roll (optional)
Neck Bridge (postural muscles. optional)
Front / Side plank (optional)

Day 1 - Chest & Back (horizontal push / pull)

Warm up

Single Arm DB Rows on Bench (Focus on increasing abduction) 3 x 12
Cable Rows (focus on retraction) 3 x 10
Incline Bench 3x10,5,3 (strength)
– Incline Bench (Protraction only, for Serratus) 1 x 20 (optional)
Incline DB Press 3x12
Rear Delt Fly (my upper traps try to take over in this exercise) 1x25
Cable External Rotation (0 degree abduction) 3x15

Cool Down

Day 2 - Legs & Arms

Warm up

Back Squat (strength) 3x5,5,3
BB Hip Thrust 3x12
Calf Raise 3x20
BB Bicep Curl 3x10
Cable Triceps extension 3x10
Triceps Dips (Little ROM focus on depression, keeping scapula retracted) 1 set failure (this might be better suited for a push / pull day, but I had extra space here)

Cool Down

Day 3 Shoulder & Back (vertical push / pull)

Warm Up

Lat Pull Down (Focus on Lower Traps. Hold and squeeze at bottom for 2 seconds. Depression/retraction) 3x10
Military Press (strength) 3x10, 5, 3
Arnold Press (or parallel press) 3x12 (optional)
Face Pull (scapula retracted & down) 3x15
Side Shoulder Raise (On machine. Up to 60% abduction) 3x10
Pull Ups Close Parellel Grip 1 x failure

Cool Down

Day 4 Legs & Arms

Warm Up

Deadlift 3x5, 3, 1
BB Hip Thrust 3x12
Hamstring Leg Curl on Machine 3x10
Calf Rase 3x20
DB Bicep Curl 3x10
Skull Crushers 3x10

Cool Down

I put a some exercises as optional, in case I’m having a bad day or don’t have a lot of time. I try to make sure I at least do the most important exercises.

One concern is that I might have too many exercises / day. I wonder if I should slip some more external rotation / rear delt work in there (Just don’t want to over do it). Also, I could add leg raises or some ab work. But heavy deads and squats tend to do a good job.

Also, I do Day 1-4, Monday - Thursday. I’d prefer to have a break on Wednesday, but I’m not around my gym on Fridays.