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Schedule Combining Strength Training & Steady-State Cardio?

Hey :slight_smile:

Essentially, I want to improve my strength and endurance with some fat loss at the same time. I am aware that this is a big goal and would take longer than doing something like HIIT but I want to get my 5k time to under 25 minutes and improving my nutrition will be the main area for fat loss.

For the holidays, i have started introducing running 2x a week, average of 2-3 miles per session at low intensity with easy GPP in the gym 2-3x a week just to see where i am at currently.

Now I’m moving into the off-season for my sport in the uk (I play lacrosse), and need a training plan. I was thinking 5/3/1 3x a week while following a beginners 5k plan on runners world 2x a week, with only 1 fairly intense lacrosse training session. My training schedule would look like this:

M - 5/3/1
T- Lax Training
W- 5/3/1
T- Run (Approx 2-3 miles)
F- 5/3/1
S- 5k
S- Rest day

I wanted to see what everyones opinion of the above schedule was? Again, my goals are to improve my strength and endurance concurrently whilst becoming leaner and losing fat. (Athletic Physique).

You’re lifting weights three times a week with an HIIT cardio day and a couple of steady state cardio days.

It’s literally the perfect way to get in shape.

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Honestly sub 25m isn’t very hard if you’re consistent, it shouldn’t even detract much from your training.

Ideally you’d get in some some speed work (400m/800m repeats), but you’ll probably be fine without, it’s only about 8m miles.