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Schedule Change?

Hey guys Ive been on this schedule for the past 4 weeks and seen an increase of 10 pounds on my bench press and i have only gained about 5 pounds. I’m 6"2 weigh about 207 pounds and about a 13 percent body fat.

I have basketball practice on Mondays and we play pickup games. We play for about an hour and a half. After that, throughout my week I try to keep my bball playing to a minimum by only playing for another 2 hours or so.

This is the Schedule I was on:

Monday-lower body lifting in the am and practice in the pm

Tuesday-upper body lifting

Wednesday-off, some light bball

Thursday- lower body

Friday-upper body

Saturday-light bball


Now some people say its bad to play ball on the day im lifting on legs. I want to change my schedule to this and can you guys help me on which would suit me better and give more gains?

Schedule im considering:

Monday-upper body in the am and practice in the pm


Wednesday- lower body

Thursday- upper body


Saturday-lower body


The whole thing sucks.

[quote]PinkMist wrote:
The whole thing sucks.[/quote]

worthless post

to OP: If the plan has been working, no need to change it. How do you feel on your practises after lowerbody work?

im pretty out of it after lower body during practice

so the second option would be best huh?