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Schedule Change

My new schedule allows me to lift Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Thinking of going full body, lower, upper.

Squat 531 FSL 3x5
Bench 531
Rows 50-100

Power Clean 531
Front Squat 3’s pro
Deadlift 3’s pro

Press 531
Assistance work

Plan on trying this for 6 weeks.

Crap second part got left out. Would I be better off doing 2 days per week with

Day 1
Squat 531 with FSL 3x5
Bench 531
Rows 50-100

Day 2
Deadlift 531
Press 531
Power Clean 3’s pro

Doesn’t look too blasphemous. You could also try:

Day 1: (wed)
Power Clean: 531
Bench: 531 +fsl
Squat: 531 +fsl

Day 2: (sat)
Deadlift: 531 +fsl
Press: 531+fsl

(sun): weight vest walk/conditioning

Btw what’s with all the 3’s pro stuff?

Same as 5’s just use 3 reps instead.

Are you using it over 5’s pro for recovery reasons? I know the frequency project has a similar set-up for deadlifts for that reason.

That is in fact the reason. Used it before and responded well to it.