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?Schadenfreude - from T.mag#98

Dont’ know if this has been discussed but TC did a great piece on the concept of ?'schadenfreude '- the malicious enjoyment in the misfortune of others - in T.Mag#98. It was all about how you could tell the character of a person from thier face and which faces deserved to be slapped, punched or pounded! I loved the piece! Anyway, read the article and add to my top 10 list of “People-Who-Need- Thier-Faces-Slapped…As-Soon-As-Possible”:

1. Richard Simmons - when he does his "Cute/coy face" , usually with a eating utensil close by, watch me fire-up the Automatic Face Slapping Machine to FULL SPEED!

  1. “Dr” John Gray (the “Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” author). His smarmy, New-Age-Guy-Face, staring off all those book covers is pleading for a serious, heavy duty slapping!

  2. The kid who plays Harry Potter. Remove those granny glasses, boy, and take your facial slapping like a man!

  3. Malcolm Forbes. Billionaire FAILED Presidential candidate. What’s with the perpetual ‘Church Lady’ look? C’mere Malcky, take the silver spoon outta your mouth…

  4. Stockwell Day (for any fellow Canuks!) used to be Leader of the Official Opposition here in Canada. Has that Smarmy, Sincere, Holier-Than-Thou look of the Overzealous Christian. Step Up “Stock”, I have something for you!

  5. The Scrawny Guy at my gym a.k.a. StrapMan. Wears a lifting belt, gloves, knee wraps AND wrist straps all at once to lift the measliest of weights. Resembling a medeavil Flaggelant he strides around the gym, trailing wraps and straps. With his wispy, peach fuzz mustache he can be heard giving technical advice to some poor unfortunate who strayed into his path. Candidate #6 for a Full Speed Slapping.

  6. Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister. What’s with this guy? Over the top earnestness, a male version of Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech (“You LIKE me”)PLUS that twerpy English accent…aarggh! “Oh, I say Tony old boy, guess what came with the morning tea and cucumber sandwhiches?”

  7. Pauly Shore and Michael J. Pollard(when he was younger). Faces that say “Slap Me, Now”

  8. The Brits are getting it today! (seeing as I am originally from London, England but a Canadian since 1981…you gotta understand!)

Anyway #9 is Prince Andrew…and Prince Edward…and er…include any member of the Upper Class with that “Born-With-A-Silver-Spoon -Cringe-Inducing-Oxbridge-Accented-Face”. Completely out of touch with rest of humanity the faces of these people begs a Right Royal Slapping.


Here is an interesting fact. “Dr” John Gray and “Dr” Barbara De’Angelis, the two “top” relationship experts (according to their press statements) were married to each other and then split-up! Yet they propose to tell us how to have good relationships. Can anyone one out there spell the “H” word?

Ever check the stats on marriage counsellors? By and large they have some of the WORST divorce rates. Kind of makes you wonder why you’d go to one, doesn’t it…

FrankL to Olderlifter.
I also read/heard that his “Doctorate” was obtained thru one of these Arizona based correspondance schools ie “Get Your Degree In Marriage Counseling And Plumbing TODAY…send $199.99 to Trailer #3(3rd trailer past the late model Maverick on cinder blocks with 3 tires missing), Happy Pines Trailer Park, AZ”

Yeah, makes ya’ wonder why people flock to the Gurus. IMHO, it’s a case of “Show-Me-The-Way-Oh- Master-I-am-Too-Lazy-To-Think-Things-Through-For-Myself-$500?-Oh-Sure- Master-Let-Me-Get-My-Credit-Card-Out”. They are “Sheeples” as Chris Shugart would say.

The dipshit Ediie haskel lokalike who does those dumbass Dell computer commercials. The hell with slapping him, throw hom in front of an 18 wheeler. Your getting a fruehauf dude.

Hey, naked man. Education is a must in the modern world. If you want to be taken seriously you must get hooked on phonics. I could not decipher your last post and it resulted in a large headache. I know that you did not want me to get a headache. Headaches are bad. You receive a flat F. Please look up each word and repost. By the way, why are you called Naked Man? Are you a nature boy? Or do you just think people will laugh when they read the word “naked?”

A little research turn up that Mr. Gray spent several years of his live as a “celibate monk”. He was the personal assistant to an Indian Guru. So if the intel is right:
"A former celibate monk with a mail order degree who could not stay married with another relationship expert is telling the rest of us what to do? "