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Scent and Sounds Exaggerated because of Low Blood Sugar?

the last few months, ive had a big problem with scents and sounds being extremely annoying. I think I have an issue with low blood sugar.

but some scents and sounds are unbearable. are the 2 connected?
one guy who came to the building I work at and stood around 8-10 feet from him and he smelled so bad from cigarettes. hes not the only one. every scent good or bad is amplified like crazy. I even had to throw away laundry detergents as they were much too strong. like tide. I used to enjoy its scent. all of sudden, its unbearable. I went through a few different ones till I found something I can bear or just bought gentle scent for baby clothing. I finally found one thats acceptable. I hope in the future ill be able to find it.

the same wiht body wash. the same even with dish soap. even the smell of lemon dish soap on my hands drives me crazy. everything seems to be turned up to 11 a la spinal tap.

sounds as well. specific sounds just drive me crazy. at work, we have doors that close too hard. Ive tweaked all the various door hinges at least 50 times. adjusting, then testing…over and over and over.

the coworker who I spoke to regarding his cigarette smell said maybe I have an issue with low blood sugar as his wife has the same issue.

maybe it could be because I eat everything super plain? I put nothing in the foods I eat besides maple syrup in the oatmeal
every other food has nothing added. no salt/spices/sauces/oil. boiled white rice/pan cooked chicken breast/cottage cheese/protein powder/W.wheat bread. thats it. no fruits or veggies.

if the gym is closed at least im trying to eat clean

Are you stressed out badly, like a live wire, the world coming at you like you’re drinking it from a fire hose?

Have you actually tried checking your blood sugar with a meter?

I don’t have low blood sugar and the smell of Tide drives me nuts albeit a Short drive.

“Are you stressed out badly, like a live wire, the world coming at you like you’re drinking it from a fire hose?”

yes. last week I had to call a suicide hotline twice. I lost all work as my career as a wedding photographer. I got into debt because I moved upstate near a woman i dated for 8 years. I couldnt find consistent work. I will never follow my heart again. now im working as a night security guard. im going crazy in this place. I cant train as gyms are closed for months. I cant train in the cold. its too much for me. im already at my wits end. a 3rd lockdown now and i am too stressed. I take sleeping meds and panic attacks meds. i am not well.

I have low blood sugar as at times everything seems bright that i cant really read anything. from stress I have double vision. far or close. I will get some help.

Good. Because everything you described pointed me in a different direction than blood sugar.

But, self care is still important until and as you get help. Trite as it may sound, HALT works.

That is:





These things are culprits in escalating bad moods and exacerbating already existing stress into situations that are much, much worse. The best part is that they’re usually pretty easy to address. The tough part is identifying which of these culprits are working on you when you’re already well on your way to berserker mode.

H-Get something to eat. Even a little snack. No shit, I can recall times when a snickers has prevented a homicide.

A-Disengage- physically walk away from what is making you angry. No shame in getting some physical time and space to prevent doing something you can’t take back.

L- Contact somebody. Maybe a couple of people. Somebody that you can talk to, explain what you’re going through and remain anchored with.

T- That’s a tough one, but sometimes you need a nap, maybe deep sleep, and to acknowledge that an ass whooping has occurred and you need to rest.

I have a solid hand full of problems related to a couple of deeper core problems, and use this little matrix on a regular basis.

It’s easy to lose track of yourself and your own state of being a lot of times. A lot easier lately.



Man, this post is one of the best I’ve read on this site in the years I’ve been lurking. Well said, I can’t agree more…
Had I read this two years ago, it would have saved my marriage, but hey, it wasn’t worth saving anyway…
Honestly, everyone should remember this, when stressed and about to make a life changing decision…
Much respect,

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Thanks. :+1:

If something is missing in general education it’s stuff like this.

  • Self-therapy (CBT/DBT/HALT/…)
  • Decent nutrition-education
  • Understanding debt and geometric series for how it a masses over time (and as a corollary, how money invested in funds early in life get to grow the most)
  • just because you convinced someone to go along with something does not mean that you have consent

That’s the only ones I could think of now but there are other holes more meaningful to plug than what the curriculum, at least in my country, covers.

That’s a pretty tough sell to a crowd who doesn’t want to do their homework because “What am I ever going to need to know this for?”.

“Well Johnny, because one day your life is going to spiral into a pit of anxiety and depression…”. :joy:

Not that you’re wrong. But 30 years ago I was quite certain that I was going to be a navy seal, and if I lived through that then a career with either secret service or Cia.

Not middle aged and marginally employed with heart disease in a pandemic that attacks the cardiopulmonary system.

You can’t frontload this stuff. I had no fucking clue what I was in for.


Maybe. I think it could have a place in high school in my country (16-18 years). Culturally, it could work.

Yeah, but we’re America. The land of “Fuck your feelings” and forced overtime.

A place where you work to accrue paid time off, but can’t take it because of an overwhelming workload. Then at the end of the year they cancel your pto and you start again at zero.


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I’m no doctor- but I’d be ruling out a brain tumour if I had alterations to scent and sounds.

Scents can be a big indicator of one.

Hormone fluctuations can cause hypersensitivity to smells, tastes, etc. (think. . pregnant women).
The effect can be transitory or permanent with fluctuations.

Suggest you seek medical help for this and remedies if possible.

I have had this for nearly 20 years. It can get extreme and lifestyle impinging to have a nose as sensitive as a wolf. For myself: anyone using scented dryer sheets, funky “Axe” bodyspray or equiv, certain deodorents and personal care products, etc. Tough.

Good luck in finding a solution.