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Scenes That Move You


Hey, guys!

I really enjoyed the thread "Dramatic Performances on Film" and all the input you gave! It was real cool!

I thought I'd start another!

What Scene In a Movie has "moved" or affected you the most?

This could be one that made you:

Jump for joy

Think about your own Life

Has stuck with you your whole Life

Any scene that emotionally just "struck" you, and for whatever reason, hasn't left you.

Let's have some fun!

(I'll post a few of my own when the thread is officially posted)...



It seems like I ALWAYS have to begin with my man, Denzel...


It really is hard for me to explain; but it doesn't matter HOW much I've seen "Courage Under Fire"...

The scene in which Denzel walks up to the parents of the soldier under his Command killed by him due to a "Friendly Fire" incident...

He walks up to the house in full Military Dress; there is fall foliage in all its colorful Glory; then he sits down with the parents, cries, and tells them how he is sorry and how his very Soul has been torn apart...

I get a lump in my throat just TYPING this...and it happens every time I see the scene...



Despite the fact that I've probably seen every "slasher" film known to man...

The "Mr. Blond/"Stuck in the Middle With You" torture scene in "Reservoir Dogs" still makes me CRING...

Maybe it the "realness" of it, and the pleas of the Officer?

Maybe it's the "implied" raw violence of it?

I don't know...but anytime I hear "Stuck in the Middle With You", memories of the scene come storming back.



Ash: You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.

Lambert: You admire it.

Ash: I admire its purity. A survivor... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality...

While the Infant Alien bursting out of John Hurts chest is probably one of the most memorable in Movie (not just Sci-Fi) History...the final confrontation between Ripley and the Soon-to-be-destroyed "Ash" in 1979's "ALIEN has always seemed to resonate with me...

His evil "smile" at Ripley at the end as he spits:

[center]...I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies!...[/center]

Man! It's just chilling to me!



Big Trouble in Little China: The elevator scene in which everyone is buzzed from the cocktail they just drank. They are all happy and their is alot going on in the background during that scene.

Weird Science: Gary and Wyatt are in the bathroom. The girls knock on the door and ask them what they are doing there. Wyatt replies unseen in the background, "Gary was just taking a shit." The door closes and you see Gary slapping Wyatt with a huge smirk on his face. Makes me laugh everytime.

Revenge of the Nerds 1 & 2: I'm a huge fan of the musical numbers.

Green Mile: When they are preparing Michael Clarke Duncan's character for the electric chair. A very sad scene.

Rocky: The montages of course!

Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift: Okay, okay, I know it's a horrible movie... but the scene where they drive into the parking ramp for the first time. All those hot asian women in small outfits. How can you not enjoy that?

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead: The part where they are playing questions. The banter and timing is great.

There are many more but this is what I can immediately think of... who's next?


Days of Thunder: The scene that moves me in this one is also the only scene in the movie that I like, and that's the final race. When Cole goes into that pile of wreckage, then screams out the other side and says "I'm outta here" with a there's-no-way-in-hell-I'm-losing attitude, it just makes me, well, wanna go fast!

1986 Transformers: The death of Optimus Prime and the rise of Hot Rod. It's been a very long time since I've seen the movie, and I don't know it I even want to watch it again, for fear that growing older made the movie less moving. I remember the sadness I felt when Prime died, and then the joy when a new leader rose to the challenge, and I don't want to ruin it.

Homeward Bound: Final scene where all the pets come home. First it's the girl's cat, then the younger boy's bulldog, and the oldest boy Jimmy is still wondering if his dog will come back. Then you see the ol' boy come over the crest of the hill and you hear Jimmy Stewart's voice.."Jimmy".

Uh, that's all I write right now. It's getting a little dusty in here....


WOW, dragon!

"The Green Mile"

That is one that I left with every emotion you could think of...from sadness to Joy...and from anger to a feeling of Peace...

And it makes you look at yourself...

My Scene?

The look of pure joy and innocence of that Gentle Giant of a man (Michael Clarke Duncan) as he watches Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Dance!

I find myself smiling every time!




An admission by "The Lion"...

I must have been a pre-teen, just starting to REALLY notice girls...

My first "boner" in a movie...

The Blue Lagoon...

Even when I see Brookie today, I think about her in "The Blue Lagoon...




I couldn't agree more!

I'll start with the obvious;

Motivational: both speeches given by Al Paciona a) Any Given Sunday pre game speech and b) Scent of a Woman.


The funeral scene after his died dad; http://youtube.com/watch?v=4UFvJ9H_nFQ
and the best one; he's tortured at the end by the English and he refuses to say he was wrong. Instead he stand true to his cause. I nearly always shed a tear.

God there are so many films/scenes. Will have to think long and hard.


The scene in American History X where the older brother was coming around to changing his outlook on life and his teacher asked him, "has anything you've done in your life made your life better?" left an impression on me.

I'm not a racist and don't have the issues he did in the movie but found the quote to be a good one in general. As issues come up i often think more about them rather than blowing them off.


Nicholson's "You can't handle the truth!" scene in a Few Good Men always gives me chills. In fact, I can recite this entire scene word for word.

Nicholson gives his finest right there.


We Were Soldiers

"...and I will leave no one behind."



Any Given Sunday with Willie beamen scoring the winning touchdown.


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

At the end, when Luke defeats Darth Vader and the Emperor tries to turn him to the dark side.

Emperor: "Good... your hate has made you powerful. Now fulfill your destiny, and take your father's place at my side."

To this, he replies

Luke: "Never. I'll never turn to the dark side. You have failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me."

And then when the Emperor is killing Luke with the force lightning, Darth Vader sees his son tortured by the same evil that destroyed him. Vader turns on his master and throws him into the very core of the Death Star, thus fulfilling his destiny of bring balance to the force.

American History X

When Danny, the little brother, dies.

This is a great thread. Keep the posts coming.


All are not serious!


My Cousin Vinny

Lisa ("Mo") explaining to Vinny that deer don't give a sh*t about the pants he wears to go "hun'tin.."!

[center]..."Imagine you're a deer-uh. You're prancing along. You get thirsty. You spot a little brook. You put your little deer lips down to the cool, clear water..."

BAM!!! A fuckin' bullet rips off part of your head. Your brains are lying on the ground in little bloody pieces...

"...Now I ask ya; would you give a fu*k what kind of pants the son-of-a-bitch who shot you was wearin'?...[/center]


I laugh at this scene EVERY TIME!!!



From Donnie Brasco, a movie that really isn't holding up too well over the years: The scene where Lefty and Donnie are riding in the car and Lefty sees in the paper that the boss got shot, and Sonny Black sends for him. Donnie asks if he should turn around and head home, and Lefty says "and what? Take a left off the fuckin' bridge?"

I don't know why, but that cracks me up every time.

Matrix Revolutions: The final battle between Agent Smith and Neo. My feelings on this one have changed since I first saw the movie. During the first viewing, I had chills seeing all the Agent Smiths and wondering how Neo is going to pull this one off. Now when I see it I wish they would've had Keanu give a little smirk while walking, because by simply showing up, he already won. He already got through the hard part, which was making it to the machine city. All he had to do was get Smith to copy himself, and it was over.

Oh yeah, and how could I forget Remember the Titans? A bunch of scenes fit the bill, but my favorite is when Sunshine backdrops the lineman that took out Rev. "That's a baaaad white boy!" Cut to montage of Titans destroying opposing team for the rest of the game. /Scene.


"They fought like warrior poets."

Brings tears to my eyes every time.


Remember the Titans

When Julius is walking through the white neighborhood and the cop pulls up beside him. There's that tension and then the cop starts talking football.


I haven't seen this movie in a long time but I loved it when it was released. What do you mean by your statement? That it doesn't hold the test of time, that it didn't get the praise it deserved, or it didn't hold up well for you?

Watched Rocky Balboa today and I gotta say I love the scene where he gives the speech to his son. Some people thought it was cheesy but not me.

Mufasa: I'm glad you enjoy Green Mile as well. You are right about the emotional roller coaster ride. I had the same experience but at the end I was crying like a baby... I'm man enough to admit it.

Ladies Man: I love the scene where he is trying to be romantic and read a poem on the air... and at the end of it, he tells everyone to do it in the butt! That's my favorite SNL movie.


The final scene of Carpenter's The Thing always makes me grin.

I can watch the scene where we first see Jaws a thousand times ... Brody:"You're gonna need a bigger boat"

The scene at the end of Little Children when Kate Winslet can't find her daughter and realizes that she's the most important thing. When I see that, I just want to grab my kid.