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SCD Diet - Anybody Done It?


As the title suggests, I'm wondering if anyone has ever done the SCD Diet and how they found it?


ok, so nobody's done it...

In case anyone's wondering what it is, it's called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It's like a low-carb, elimination diet type deal but there's a bit more to it than that.

You start the diet with a 2-5 day intro period, where you basically eat nothing but a type of chicken broth (the recipe is quite specific), carrot puree (you REALLY puree the shit out of those carrots), meatballs (again, a very specific, easy digesting recipe) and Welch's Grape Juice mixed with gelatin (eewwww). This ensures that you are only eating very easy to digest foods, pretty much no fibre (hard to digest so causes problems for people with messed up guts) and getting all the anti-inflammatory goodness of bone broths.

The thing that struck me as interesting though, is that this intro diet causes a "dying off period" (the scientific term is the Herxheimer reaction) where the bacteria overgrowth in your system dies, restoring the balance between good and evil. Apparently. It's supposedly gets a little rough, and your symptoms will get worse during this period, then get better.

So you do the intro diet for 3-5 days depending on how severe your symptoms are, after which time you should notice an improvement in your digestion. Then you move on to the actual diet itself which involves VERY SLOWLY adding back in "forbidden" foods, making note of any effect they have on your digestion. It's not a quick process at all. It'll take 3 weeks or so for minor ailments, up to 2 years for things like Crohn's disease.

It seems hard to believe that a diet could actually cure celiac disease or Crohn's, but a lot of the testimonials are quite compelling.

I have minor, albeit troublesome digestive issues, which I can manage, but can't seem to fix once and for all. I wonder if my current gut health regime would benefit from doing just the 5 day intro diet to detoxify my system and reduce gut inflammation, then I could get back on my gut health protocol with greater success.

It's something I think I'll try. I mean 5 days eating nothing but broth, meatballs and pureed carrots can't be too hard. Can it?


Yeah I'm curious on how that would work out for ya Yogi.But you might want to try some good old CELERY.I hear it's great for digestion :slightly_smiling: Good to have ya back around buddy.


Haha, always with the celery! Nice to see you're still around mate, hope you're well.


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Only if it has crunchy peanut butter all over it.



I may have glanced at it once or twice. God damn the guy who started that thread was a sexy, sexy man.


Ha do you share the same irritated bowels?


haha, that would be one way of putting it!


LMFAO hahahahahaha