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Scary Stuff



Kinda makes ya think how safe are we.


There are somethings that i would just rather not know...


You, they say the two top targets are NY and Washington DC, i live in New jersey, now instead of being given the decency to be vaporized, i get ot have radiation kill me with my hair falling out and stuff, thats of course if our "nukular" theorist of a president does not do anything.


Portable fission nuclear bombs wouldn't have both plutonium and uranium, he misunderstands what causes the fission and explosion anyway, power plants don't act as "force multipliers", they would just be destroyed like everything else, and he misspelled al-Quaeda. I probably did too but I came closer.

Now I have to go back and figure out why I didn't end up on the knee pain link I thought I clicked on.....


That is some alarming news if its true!