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Scary places

A while ago I worked at now abandoned Fairfield Hills State Hospital. It dates back to the 1930s, and it was a mental ward.

 The place has a huge reputation for 'supernatural phenomena' and such. Every week we had these weird chinese people standing in front of one of the 25 buildings (connected through underground tunnels in the 200 acre area) and shoot pictures of what they said were ghosts and 'orbs' of dead people. I laughed in their faces. 

 However, despite my unshaken belief that there is no such thing as supernatural, I was ...freaked out at times. MTV used the place's reputation on their 'reality' show 'fear'.

 I was a security guard there for a couple months, and often worked graveyard shifts, when you're strangely vulnerable - a mix of walking around the old classic buildings at 1 am and a feeling someone is watching you, coupled with all the stories I'd heard. The place was a classic setting for a horror movie - with its very own poorly maintained road up the hills in the middle of the woods.

 There were stories from other guards they'd seen strange 'blue lights' floating inside one of the buildings ('kent house') when they approached the door at night.

 Once, while driving around the doors of Kent house banged loudly. I got the state cops that had just pulled into the area and went inside. The doors I could swear Id just seen bang open and closed twice were locked. Whatever. Up on the top floor there was a strange noise on the stairs. A window suddenly closed - so fast it made huge bang that echoed through the huge hallway. Then there was this noise that sounded EXACTLY like a woman moaning from afar. We were scared shitless. The staties looked at each other and said 'what the fuck was THAT?'. Their guns were pointed at the stairway at that point. No one was inside however.

 Later that night, while driving around I spotted a truck parked in front of one of the buildings - the building that used to house the 'criminally insane' back when. Before I can tell him to leave he tells me he used to live there. He points to the window of his old room, and how hed raped and hurt a girl - after which he was sent there. He told me stories of gang rapes in the tunnels underground, how the 'so-shal stu-dees' teacher, as he put it, raped and sodomized a black kid who lived there. Needless to say, this guy was obviously insane and unstable. Heck, he was talking to 'Susan', who was supposedly behind him. There was no one however, and the only lights on were those in my truck and his truck. He left, but not before letting me know he had rope and duct tape in the back of his truck, and that 'whatever happens happens'.

 The place was just freaky. I hated driving around some of the buildings, particularly Kent house, because Id get some serious chills. I remember the guy who showed me around the place my first day on the job. He was a huge corrections officer working there for extra cash. You wouldnt mess with him. This is what he told me 'Im showing you this place only because I have to. I dont know whats in there, and I dont wanna know. Id be scared shitless if I ever set foot on that tunnel.'

 I had several people who would go for an afternoon jog there stop me and tell me they'd seen the light go on in the third floor of one of the buildings. No lights were supposed to be there, much less electrical current to that floor. Nonetheless the light was fuckin on. Whatever.

 It was a WEIRD place.

 For those who saw the show 'Fear' on MTV saw the guy who was put inside one of the cabinet drawers for the dead bodies, and blood splattered all over the floor, along with the tables used to cut the bodies. Story was after having to go inside that building, one of the staties came out as pale as the day. No one else had been in the morgue. I, however had to go inside twice!! Definitely a halloween place. I remember I used to come home so strung out Id be watching over my shoulder ALL DAY LONG, still with that feeling there was something watching me. 

 Anybody else been in some weird place like this one? I get chills just to think I worked there.

I just wanted to say that show ‘Fear’ rocked. It’s the only reality show I’d actually try to find and watch. Whatever happened to it?

 I guess they ran out of scary places lol.

 They shot one of their biggest Fear shows at Fairfield Hills which they called St. Agnes hospital, for some reason. After that, there were hordes of highschool kids trying to break into the buildings because they saw it on tv.

 That place is a definite magnet for people who believe in ghosts and other inane stuff.

i used to live in an apartment that i think was haunted. My roommate went to mexico for the summer and i was the only person with access to the apartment at that time. But somehow a box of cheerios and some canned drinks were in my apartment. I didnt buy them but they were there after he left. Also, I knew the guy that lived below me and visited there often. the backside of all of the apartments was pane glass with a sliding door. Well we were sitting there watching tv when all of a sudden i saw something fly off from my floor. I lived on the top floor so i couldnt have come from any higher. We had been getting in trouble for trash being thrown down even though we had been doing it. So i went outside to see what or who it was and the sliding door slammed shut. Then we could hear someone running above us. So i went one way and my friend went the other way to try and catch who it was. We met in the middle and didnt find anybody and my front door was locked and the back door was shut. Very freaky.

I used to work nights at a hospital on a post-surgical floor and some very strange things would happen on some nights. There were call lights in the rooms that would go off with no one in the room. There was one time that I literally went into a empty room and had the call button in my hand and it went off without me pushing it. I suppose that could be explained by a short in the wire, but we also had call lights in the bathroom that had a switch that had to be flipped. On one night a bathroom call light went off and I walked straight into the room to find both patients sleeping, the bathroom door closed, and bathroom light off but the call light switched had been physically flipped. As close as I was to the room there was no way someone could have tripped it and left before I got there. This happened multiple times that night.

  That's very funny Goldberg.

  I guess you had to be there to get weirded out. Maybe you should pay a visit to the place, stay overnight and hopefully visit the morgue, the house for the criminally insane, and the tunnels, along with the old prisons in the basement. I dont believe theres anything unexplainable going on there, but you will get freaked out. 
Goldberg I misunderstood your post - sorry.

If you've seen 'Sleepers' from 1995 with Brad Pitt and Kevin Bacon, youll recognize Fairfield Hills - This is where the movie was shot, except in the movie it's called 'the wilkinson's home for boys'. Great movie for those who havent seen it.

There is a movie that Diesel’s post reminds me of, called “Session 9”. It’s not bad, a pretty spooky movie. David Caruso is in it.

It’s about a crew that is hired to do asbestos removal in a closed mental hospital, and even though it’s kind of slow, it sets a good scary mood.

Worth a rental. Here’s a review:

The house I’m in right now is haunted. Place is about 80 years old, and at least one person has died here, was of natural causes though. Usually its minor stuff like lights coming on by themselves or we’ll get in from worka nd the computer will be on, know good and well it was shut off when we left.

Two strangest incidents were one night some stuff fell off a cabinet in the kitchen. Walked in there to pick it up and felt something walk by and brush up against and through me. All the lights were on in the room and no i wasn’t drunk. Second time was last night, heard footsteps walk in our bedroom, assumed it was my 3 yr old daughter who gets up a lot at night. Reached out from the bed to get her to go back to bed and no one was there. Layed back down and a minute later felt someone sit down on the end of the bed and felt someone pushing down on my legs through the comforter. Again no one there when I screamed and turned on the light.

That was good story diesal.

I don’t know about the other stuff, but I know the answer for the computer issue. Computers have a setting in the bios where they can be made to either power up or stay shut down if the power goes out then comes back. This is designed for servers and always-on computers with no battery backup.

thanks danreeves i should sleep great tonight.

Here’s a pic of part of Fairfield Hills State Hospital. As you can see it’s surrounded by woods, and sort of isolated from everything else.

1 - This is Kent house. It's where the other guars saw 'blue lights' floating around. It's also where I saw the doors bang loudly and went in with state police. We were ont he top floor when we heard what sounded undoubtedly like a woman moaning from afar (but still inside the building, which freaked us out).

2 - This is the house for the criminally insane where I met that guy who was talking to dead people who were nowhere to be seen. I had CHILLS everytime I passed by it...that didnt seem to stop the highschool kids from getting laid behind it though.

3 - this is where electric shock treatment, iced water submersion (to calm a hysterical patient down), and other cruel treatments were done.

4 - Called Shelton house. This is where I got stuck with the whole fire department in the tunnels and had to call the property manager to get us out. This is the building you see in the movie 'sleepers', as the kids enter the wlkinsons home for boys for the first time.

Most of these buildings have GRUESOME SCARY STORIES.

For example, Kent house has a story of this woman who had died and was seen in a room by a nure before it closed. AAGGGGHHH Im gonna have nightmares from writing this shit.

House #2 had an eppidemic of some disease that killed 400 patients, or inmates  in one strike.

Every saturday the fire department would train there, and Id talk witht he chief, who was as interested in the place's history as I was. I remember telling him how the death rate there was 700 deaths/year. LOL, he replied, 'actually it was a little more like 1200 deaths a year'. Damn chimneys musta been churning.

No wonder that place is so weird and freaked me out. Woulda never worked there had I known firsthand, but after your first week you kinda enjoy the chills you get, I guess.

There’s a place like this in Athens, Ohio, home of Ohio University. I guess it is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the world, including many university buildings. When I was visiting there I was told that the town has 5 cemetaries which form a pentagram, with the school’s main building right in the center of it. Everyone there knows the main stories and each year they host one huge halloween party.

Basically, I’ve come to believe that every college or university is haunted (and I’ve visited about 90 of them). I know at my alma mater we had at least 5 ghosts which had multiple sightings.

For instance, we had this haunted elevator in one of the dorm buildings. It was one of those that nobody except people in wheelchairs had access to. Supposedly it was a nice ghost who wanted to help students and would open up if you ever needed a hand. Well, I was telling a girl who lived there the story and she was skeptical so we went and checked it out. I walked up to the elevator and in a very nice voice said something to the effect of “Dear ghost of the elevator, please show Katie that you are helpful and really just want to be there for students and that we shouldn’t fear you…so give us some type of sign.” And right at that very instant the elevator doors opened up.

We ran like little girls…

I hear ya! Session 9 was pretty freaky and I really well made movie for the most part. Def worth a look if anyone hasn’t seen it yet!

Excellent thread! Nothing like reading about this at 2AM and realizing how freaky the night has all of a sudden become.

Anyhow, I believe that the very apartment that I’m living in right now is inhabited by some spirit(s). Two instances stick out in my mind.

The first happened probably about 3 or 4 months ago around 4AM. I was still up from God knows what and I was getting ready to go to bed. I drank out of a water bottle (and yes, it was really water) that I had and set the cap on the kitchen counter. After my big gulp I put the half full bottle next to the cap in order for me to go brush my teeth in the bathroom. After I did my nightly oral hygene ritual, I went back into the kitchen to get my last few gulps before I headed to bed. To my surprise, the cap was now on the bottle, but not screwed on. This freaked me out as I was sure no one else was awake and I swore that I put the cap right next to the bottle. Weird…

The second instance happened a few weeks ago. I knew no one was home, so I decided to take a shower with the bathroom door open to vent out the hot air. (“Yep, I’ll just leave the door open since no one else is home.”) That was the last thought I had as I went to go shower. After I came out, the door was closed completely! This couldn’t have been any draft either since the bathroom door slides back open if not shut all the way. It takes a good amount of force to get it closed shut, either by someone… or something…

It’s weird. I mean often times I feel that someone is watching me when I’m home alone. A lot of times, I catch from the corner of my eye some white object (maybe some sheets) that’ll fly by outside of my bedroom door. But there is nothing there upon inspection. This apartment could really be inhabited, but I think the spirit(s) is(are) pretty friendly. There hasn’t been any crazy shit happening like what danreeves was saying (THANK GOODNESS NOT!) and hopefully it continues to be this way!

Hopefully, this’ll be of some entertainment value. Enjoy.


That is one of the more disturbing stories I have heard.

My Dad told me a good one once. When he was a kid there was a old abandoned house on the outskirts of his village where a crazy woman had killed herself years ago.

One night he was coming back from his grandmothers house in the village nearby and he had to pass the old house. As he got nearer he could hear a loud violent screaming. He looked up to the top floor window and he saw a woman on fire, running and screaming in agony. Needless to say he hauled ass and got out of there quick time.

I posted about a few of my experiences at my old house in an old thread titled “Do you believe in ghosts?” I’ve always been interested in this sort of stuff.

Cory089, the name of the building in the middle of the pentagram formed by the five cemetaries is Wilson Hall. However, there are two Wilson Halls on campus, and the one that is in the middle of the pentagram is the dorm, the other is a main administration building. I graduated from OU in '99, so I hope I am remembering this correctly. Just trying to clear it up.

This is a pretty cool website on OU ghosts and such: http://www.ghosts.org/ohio.html

They talk about Jefferson Hall which is a girls’ dorm. Up on the top floor, there is a locked room that you have to either pick the lock to or have building personnel open for you. My girlfriend and I were able to talk her RA into letting us and a few other people into the room, which was empty. However, there was an attic that was basically a hole in the ceiling covered with a piece of plywood. Me and a friend were able to climb up there into the attic. Rumor had it that a girl had killed herself up in the attic years before and that’s why they had closed off this room. The room was huge, and there is a tower on top of Jeff Hall with a ladder in this room up to it. At the top of the tower, there is a window that let in some moonlight and that was the only light in the room. We had to walk along rafters because we were worried about falling through the ceiling into someone’s room. Supposedly, there was some blood that had stained some of the floorboards from where she had killed herself. We heard a loud bang and bolted. We were unsuccessful in finding any blood, but it was still freaky as hell.

Imagine being ALONE in the deep of the night, driving and walking around these buildings. 

Mind you, part of my job was to use a 'scanner' on a magnetic strip on each door at the buildings so the boss would know the buildings were in fact patrolled. When you have to walk up to a building that is nothing but a classic horror movie setting, in the middle of the night, with no one anywhere near you, your mind plays some serious tricks on you.

LOL, try even opening the door with no one around, and go inside the building alone. 

When I was hired, the guy asked me 'do you know fairfield hills'? I said 'no'. He said 'Good. Be there at 11pm tonight'. Son of a bitch.

My wife and I are looking for a house. This thread settles it - new construction.

What was the Eddie Murphy performance where he was talking about how you don’t see black people in horror movies? Something like:

Black man: "Well, honey, this is a great house - excellent neighborhood, safe, great schools, lots of room - "

Ghost voice: “GET OUT!!!”

Black man: “Too bad we have to move.”

This thread reminds me of it.