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Scary Moment/ Hack Squat


I was trying a new weight with hack squats, trying to go heavier than ever before. I got it up once, then on the second rep, I struggled, and pulled with all my might, and BAM, something poked out of my perineum. I thought I had shit myself on the insides, but it went back in as quick as it poked out right after I put the weight down. What the hell was it? A muscle spasm?


Um, I'm not a doctor or in any way qualified to answer this, but you might have prolapsed your rectum. In other words, given yourself a butt trunk for a moment.


Ewwww. No way man. It was closer to the front. Plenty of room for distinction in that vast plain of perineum. That's why I specified perineum, not anus.

Speakign of which, if I ever get a prolapsed anus I'm have a tube inserted to bypass it all together and get my anus removed.

That said, does anyone else have a guess?


dude, after googling your problem, i would at least give the old doc a call and let him know your expereince. i dont think a protrusion there is anything to fool around with.
and hey, let us the outcome of this too.


I would say that it sounds like a hernia.


I concur...Its a sports hernia.


Lemme get this straight...

Something popped out of your taint while exercising and you choose to seek advice from anonymous lay-people on a bodybuilding website?



I have a yellowish-brown discharge from my penis, and it burns when I piss.

Do you guys have any idea what it might be? What should I do?


Taste it and see if it feels different than your normal piss. If it does, you should go check it out and tell the doctor how you knew you had weird discharge . . .




Bah everyone knows Doctors don't know crap. Your much better off getting advice on the internet at the hands of 140 pounders who squat 500 pounds. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!


You forgot about the guys who are cutting to get ripped and are so damn good at gauging body fat %'s that they don't need calipers or any of that shit . . . . they use a shoe instead. AMAZING!


I don't have insurance and I'm broke. It happened about a week ago, and everything seems ok now. I took a poo earlier and felt a little pressure in that same spot just after the pinch, though. Ugh.


If this is a hernia (could be), it is not going to get better over time and lifting weights will only make it worse.

Go see a doctor, there really is no way around that.


Sounds like rust. Mix in some Rustoleum with your protein shakes. Try this for 2 weeks.



What you experienced was a phenomenon called trauma-induced articulating necrotic tinnatusblasty, or TAINT Blast. It is VERY serious and can lead to a vaginalization of the perineum, where you rip a hole in your taint and it starts to take on the shape of a vagina. You should definitely go to the closest ER and tell them what you have. Letting them diagnose it could cost you valuable time.

Good luck,



TAINT Blast. Priceless.