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Scary Lightheadedness/Dizziness after Injecting

So I usually inject my oils smoothly and everything goes fine, no problemo. Today I woke up on an empty stomach, didn’t drink any water and injected into my quads tren A and test prop, I usually do this eod on an empty stomach and it goes fine but today I thought I would have to call an ambulance. I was injecting into the side of my quad horizontally and had very sharp pain passing through the muscle and I instantly became super hot, aspiration was fine I saw no blood.

Immediately After I injected the oil and pulled out the needle my vision became blurry, I sweat so much that my t-shirt was drenched and I felt super lightheaded I thought it was my calling from jesus lol. I noticed that I had no blood coming out of my injection site either which usually there is a very tiny amount leaking. What do you guys think happened? I’m trying to avoid feeling that again, thanks.

Hit a nerve then had a panic attack. Those are textbook panic attack symptoms.how do you feel now?

Damn bro, I know that feel. Most likely a panic attack. They are scary and real. Your blood pressure and heart beat spiked and caused the weird feelings and then your worries and mind took it to a worse level. Happen to me and freaked me the fuk out. I jump in a cold shower. Seems to shock me and makes my mind forget about what I’m overly worried about.

Next time, eat breakfast and drink a lot of water before hand. If you still feel weird go get checked out by a doctor and explain what happened minus the injecting. Keep an eye on your blood pressure.

How cold? I think I need to try this

Cold as it will go.

K thanks, will try this next time I have a panic attack

I feel great ever since that, the panic attack only lasted like 5 minutes and during that time I was literally thinking about going outside and jumping in the snow to keep myself from overheating. Do you have any advice on how to avoid hitting nerves on quads? I was pinning horizontally on vastus intermedius aka the side of the leg now I think that’s a horrible idea. Can you pin vertically on the rectus femoris/top head of the quad? I have alot of size/muscle on that part of the quad so I think its a better spot to avoid hitting nerves

I don’t pin quads. For me it’s utterly crippling. I’ve done ventrogluteal for about a year now and it’s been painless and smooth. The only time I ever hit a nerve was doing dorsalgluteal, which I’ll still do once a month maybe. I don’t know that there’s a strategy to avoiding nerves in the quads. I think it comes down to luck of the draw with pretty much all pinning. Once in a while you’ll have a bad one and you’ll wish for the sweet embrace of death.

Your story about wanting to run out into the snow reminded me of the first panic attack I had. I was 23 and had no idea what was going on. I was out with my friends and I was the DD, so no drinking that night. I excused myself to the bathroom because I was feeling my chest get tight. After a minute of splashing cold water on my face I literally (actual literally) ran out of the bathroom, through the small tavern, and outside where I jumped in the snow face first. I was sweating so much I legitimately did not care about snow going up my damn nose. It was wild. I landed, let my face cool down, rolled over, and laid in the snow for a solid four minutes before the combination of freezing wind and a sweat-soaked shirt cooled me down to a reasonable temperature. Good times.