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Scary Experience

Today i injected and must have introduced some in the blood stream because i felt an instant tightening from the injection site up to my heart and i got a scary hard rapid heart rate and got extremely light headed. I thought i was going to pass out and it didn’t seem to get better. I ended up calling 911 and went to the er. I was honest but the doctor literally had no clue why i got that response…several hours later im feeling better.

It was the fastest ive ever felt my heart beat and thought it was going to come out of mt chest. I was nauseous and several times felt very close to passing out. Add to that the panic i was experiencing ontop of the physical response.

Be careful guys and always aspirate! I was literally wondering if i might die.

Im not at the point I need to inject yet, or even should, but that s crazy. Glad your alright bud. Not asking to insult your intelligence or anything just something I’ve seen people I know do, stupid, but do you like, change out your needles and stuff? Maybe it got contaminated with something some how? I seen a friends old roommate literally use a needle repeatedly to the point he had to force it through his skin.

What was the substance and which site did you use?

I always use a new needle, always alcohol prep the bottle and the inj site. What i didnt do was aspirate to see if i drew blood.

Center deltoid, test cyp

Oh I gotcha, so they confirmed thats what it was then? Or atlas likely to be?

They didnt comfirm anything. Doctor had no idea

Yeah probably happen just like you said, it goes into the blood stream. It happen to me before, but not that dramatic. I had some fall in the blood pressure, feel really nauseated and started to sweat a lot. Called some buds to take me to the hospital but got better in a few minutes. Its the worse sensation.

So the ekg showed i have an underlying stage one heart block. Although not severe i def think im done taking stuff and caffeine as well. Got to take care of my body

You had a likely oil embolism. With a heart condition you need to avoid anything PED whatsoever.

Re-using needles is a great way to get an infection.

Thats what i thought and told the doctor that but he didnt think so.

Any long term side effects from an oil embalism? Or has it been pushed out my system already

You’re totally fine guy.

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Yes I’m aware of this, I was just asking because I’ve seen people do it and think its a good idea and nothing will happen…

So last night i got maybe 30 minutes of sleep. Ive had severe anxiety and some light headedness until about noon it started to improve. I got a doctor to ger me an adavan and now i feel great. Its 5 pm and i never slept last night and have tons of energy, with some sides of course. What a day…

God, I wonder what your T levels are right now after mainlining your dose… hahaha

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Really high? Haha

…if only it worked that way.

I got the same sides once. I did all procedures right, but I hit a vein, did not injected into the vein, but it was some big one. U described it exacly. I took several hours to get better, several…

Makes me feel better that i wasnt the only one. Thought something might be wrong with me. Since then ive been dizzy and have anxiety but its slowly getting better