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Scaring Deers


I was walking back to my dorm from the gym and there was a bunch of deer standing in the middle of the road. The big guy with antlers was staring me down. I was pumped up and had a little too much T flowing, and I decided to start walking towards him. So I'm walking straight at this deer with antlers and he isn't moving and I'm nearly two arm lengths away when I decide to growl. He pranced away like a little fawn. I took his territory immediately.


Did you take a piss after? Or fuck some of his deer?


Man one time I was driving along a rural road and encountered a deer on the side of the road. He was spooked and looked like he was about to dart into the road, so I slowed to a stop to protect him. And what does the fucker do? He charges straight into the side of my car and leaves a dent. For real. My car got hit by a fucking deer. Of course, nobody believed me.


Deers huh? I hear they're especially afraid of poor knowledge of the English language.

Oh, and I double dog dare you to try your same scare tactics with a Caribou. A live video feed would be preferable.


i believe you lol. my brother works for the county central dispatch and he got a call about 3 weeks ago about a guy who got hit by a deer and was reporting it. My brother and dad went and found the deer the next morning and it had both its antlers broken off and neck broken from the collision. They gutted it and took it in and had it processed..now we got a bunch of venison hamburger and sausage!


Or more than one caribous's's's.


I've found that deer are particularly afraid of the noise made by hitting a wiffle ball with one of those fat wiffle bats.

To the OP, you're damn lucky you encountered a beta male. Try that with an alpha buck and you might get killed.



That buck now thinks your gay for not banging any of his females after he left (NTTAWWT). If you see him again, be careful, he may be extra friendly.


My money would be on the deer.


Tommy Boy?



Doesn't deer season open soon?

(Yes it does)


This could have been you.



A classic. That guy's lucky that buck didn't use its antlers like it typically would in an aggressive engagement.

Also, that guy's pretty stupid. I understand that it's hard to have any composure when a wild animal is kicking your ass, but grab the bucks friggin' antlers. Control the head/neck, and you control the body.


Not a good idea. If this was or is the rut, the deer could have just as easily came at you with the antlers and caused a lot of problems. the hooves aren't to pleasant either.


My 7mm mag scares them to death.


Cherry bombs too, FWIW.