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Scariest Things


Thought of an interesting topic that would be worth reading through an entire thread. Nothing weak like "The birth of my first child was terrifing" I'm talking almost caused death scary.


Hmm, I was backpacking in New Mexico when I was 15, and my campsite was attacked by a 600lb. bear. The kid in the tent next to me got mauled because he had been keeping candy in his tent with him. I was kinda scared...


I bought a car in San Fran and last week drove it Back to Canada, While crossing the Summit of the Mountains around lake Tahoe, with about 4 inches of slush on the road, performed 2, 360's and ended up sliding backwards on the interstate while 2 semis stared me down in the face. It was like "Planes Trains and Automobiles"
I evenually came to a stop without damage, but reahed 100 percent of my maximun heartrate for about 20 minutes.

It was all worth it however, bought one of my favorite cars.


While vacationing in St. Marrten last year, I dove into the ocean, but was a little too close to the beach...the wave broke just as I dove in and there was nothing but sand awaiting me - I hit it head first and was unable to move for about 2 minutes... Luckily, I am fine, but it was scary as hell...


What kind of car was it?


I was drunk on a fishing charter that was rammed by a 13 ft. great white. I still do not feel comfortable in the ocean.


I was ten years old and the house we were living in was pretty small. However, I still had my own room. I remember there was one spot in the house in the hall way that I hated walking past. Every time I would get that "electricity" feeling that you sense when someone cuts on a television. I only mention it because one night, I woke up in the dark and could see a man in a sweater standing in my room next to me. I couldn't see his face but I knew it wasn't my dad so I started screaming. I closed my eyes and pulled the covers up and my dad came running into the room flipping the lights on. There was no one there and I am sure if he even remembers it, he still thinks I was just dreaming. I still don't know if I was or not.


Man, That is freaky. I had a spot like that in my house growing up. Turns out that is the spot where my grandmother fell down the steps, layed there, and died.

Scary allmost died story-
I was in Texas, just north of Dallas on some questionable business. The guys we went to meet were tweaking on meth, and we started downing beers. Later in the morning, I come out of a blackout and the one meth-head has an m-1 carbine point blank to my head, screaming about killing me, and my partner is stabbing another dude in the chest with a broken beer bottle. It turns out I got up and took a whiz on the floor, and the guys who lived there were jostling me toward the door. My partner misinterpreted that as those guys pushing me around, and went all nuts on them. After he got done stabbing the one dude, he took the gun off of the meth-head and rifle butted him in the head, and we hauled ass out of there.

That was scary.


It takes a lot to scare me.

Being needlestuck by an IV drug user's dirty needle (by someone else). I was scared. I went on the HIV prophylaxis chemotherapy regimen. They make you extremely sick, but if the person is HIV-positive then there's a chance you will never seroconvert.

The person ended up being negative, but then what if they were pre-seroconversion, so I had to stay on the follow up regimen-- lucky I live Hawaii where there's an extremely low rate of HIV. The next year after a needlestick is really horrible because you don't know. But the follow up blood tests all were negative.

I think about the cops/ems/er people in the big cities where HIV and IV drug use are a huge problem. They do an amazing job, but definitely work in a high risk job. We tend to think more of the patient or the crime victim and helping them, but the importance of "scene awareness", our partners' scene awareness and personal safety should always be on the forefront as well.


Prof X that is scary/weird.

The few days before my brother died, he was a true t-man, quite the large guy, and afraid of nothing. He and my sister were sitting in the kitchen and she said he startled and turned white. She asked, "what's wrong?" He told her he saw the reflection of a man wearing shorts walking behind him, he turned around and looked, and the man disappeared into the hallway. He was so afraid, that he went into his room and laid down, and my sister thought it was so freaky that he was so terrified- he never ever did this ever in our lives. My sister wanted to get a clergyman to the house, thinking it was haunted.

That same day, my brother was having some weird pains in his left arm, but refused to go to the doctor, saying he would just massage it. My sister was still upset because she and my brother were saying they felt the presence of that man in the house.

A couple days later, my brother died. Weird. A few weeks after he died, we suddenly remembered about the presence/entity or person in the house. The entity and feeling of presence were not in the house anymore.

My mom had my brother when she was very young, and my grandfather and grandmother adopted him, but we all lived together growing up, so he was raised by my grandparents and my parents (sorry if this sounds weird, it's one of those cultural things). We wondered if it was grandpa. The night my brother died, I had a weird dream that my grandmother and some angel came and met him where he died on the beach, and that "dream" never left me.


I was sitting at a stoplight on my kawasaki ninja 600 and got rearended by a full size chevy truck doing about 40mph. Right when I got hit all I could think is "I'am dead" I made it out of it just fine though. Like my mom tells me all the time "you must have a BIG ASS gaurdian angel."


In early of 2003 I went on a little camping trip to Iraq. Man, I had a whole mix of fears. The anticipation of the war to come wasn't a single moment 'boo' type scare, but a long building up sense of dread and excitement.

Two moments stand out in particular. I was operating an eathmover and I ran over a mine. There was a deafening boom, I felt the concussion and I was instantly engulfed in a cloud of dust. In the end, only the equipment was damaged, I had a big enough load of dirt that absorbed the blast. Still, it took several seconds to figure out what was going on, and in the cloud of dust, I felt lost and confused.

The second time was (I believe the date was March 17) when the ground war kicked off. I was in Kuwait still, about two miles from the border. There was a laser light show going on, our arty and airstrikes, incoming SCUDs, patriot missles, and who knows what was what. I had never seen anything like that. It was awesome and terrifying at the same time.

My group hunkered down in a bunker, not knowing which side was doing the firing. A SCUD was shot down overhead of us. At the same time, the wind gusted, blowing sand around. I got a good blast of sand, it felt like droplets. In the dark, I couldn't tell the difference and suspected in might be a type of gas. We were all close to sticking ourselves with the atropine, till common sense told us we were not being gassed.


About 3 months ago I went with a friend to collect some money owed to him. I thought he knew these people well and they were all friends. It was just him and I. So we stop at the house and a guy answers the door and we go in and there's 3 more guys hanging out. Little did I know my friend had ongoing beef with these guys and said some really nasty shit about all of them AND their girlfriends.

Well they called him out on his words and being the dumbass that he is actually started talking more shit. It wasn't maybe 5 seconds after he opened his mouth that a shotgun and 2 handguns were pointed at us. I'll be honest I always thought if someone ever pulled a gun on me I'd try some Steven Seigel moves and quickly snap their neck but I realized just how bullshit kicking a gun out of someones hand really is.

After that I did have a new respect for any soldiers who can keep their cool under fire. Craziest part is 3 of those guys were arrested about a month after this incident for cooking and dealing meth and they shot at the cops. So killing us would have been like steping on ants.


No fair. Nobody can compete with that.

My story is pretty simple. Back in 1998, I was with a buddy in college who had a pilots license. The plane we were flying in was a little 4-seater cessna type single propeller. We were flying along over the plains in Nebraska coming back from a small ski trip in the Denver area in March (Spring Break) when the plan lost power and the engines died. We started to fall and he couldn't get the engines going again.

We literally had to strap on parachutes and bail out. First and last time I've ever jumped out of a plane. The plane ended up crashing into a barn and killed a bunch of animals, but luckily no people.

I wasn't as much scared as I was just freaked out. I would have shit my pants if we hadn't had the parachutes, or had been lower to the ground to start with though...


Yep, you guys who have gone to or are fighting in the war, that's really and truly scary.


I was on a surf trip with some of my friends out at the Santa Barbara Channel Islands for the weekend. During our trip through the channel the Zodiac (dingy) we were towing rolled and the engine filled with water and didn't work for the rest of trip. So we knew we would have to paddle from the big boat to the line up when we wanted to surf.

The first spot we surfed was on the east side of Santa Rosa Island, one of the most heavily shark invested areas at the Channel Islands. The waves were good, so we ended up surfing until dark. During that time the boat had drifted about 1/4 of a mile away (Didn't anchor because the surf was quite large) from us and could not see us in the line up.

All 5 of us just got into a nice little pack and paddled as fast as possible through the dark toward the running lights. It took about 2 minutes for us to paddle a 1/4 mile to the boat, we could have set a paddling speed record. Needless to say when we got back to the boat safe the captain got an ear full of shit for not staying closer to the break.


Dude, delete this. We've got guys bailing out of airplanes, for crying out loud!


And I thought I was the only one who doubted that story.


Surely it's not hard to corroborate his story. There'd be records of a plane crashing into a barn and the occupants parachuting out.

I've only had the usual, near misses, car accidents, that kind of thing.

The kind of stuff where later you think "geez that could've been really bad". I had a couple of punks come at me with a broken beer bottle when I was 15 at a party for 'saying something racist' (which is what aboriginal guys say when they're going to mug you for no reason). I ran like a bitch.


You can doubt it if you want. I'm not on here to impress anyone. Small planes crash all the time. Pre 9-11 you almost never heard about them though. Some buddies I had in college worked at the local airport and had stories from way back about little crop dusters and other misc small planes crashing. It happens more often than you think. Especially with pilots that have little to no training.

As for records. I'm sure you could find something. My mom has a newspaper article she cut out and kept. It was on the 4th page.