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Scariest thing happened to me...

The SCARIEST thing happened to me this morning…I was driving to school as usual when suddenly on 35th street,my car was swirving like a mutha left and right of the road the thing is…I was holding my steering wheel PROPERLY and I thought it somehow became 360 deg automatically…well,it wasnt.Anyway,my car swerved erratically and then it crashed to the RIGHT side of the road(Thank God!) and it hit down a bus stop sign(only funny thing!)Anyway,I got out of my car,called my dad up,the cops came(nice fellas,so pls dont call them pigs and shit).They called tow truck and all that.My assessment is this: My left back tire had a mechanism pop loose and that caused the tire to come off,rendering my car handicapped having to travel on 3 wheels,which caused the swerving.I was so shocked I was shaking when talking to my dad.He dropped me off but the next few days,Ill have to ask a friend to send me to school probably.I am rendered immobile but praise God I was not hurt and no one else was(I could`ve hit someone else but the road that time was pretty clear)

Oh my Lord...what a day.I pray that the rest of the day will be calm and collective,and go well... Eventhough I am not this type of person,I`ll say this: "Life is really precious".This is probably my 2nd near death experience,the 1st was being hit my a car when I was 8,I lived because I got hit by the side of that car in residential area.

I’ve been there also. It is quite a feeling to realize that you could have been dead except for the grace of God. Welcome this realization to your life and take advantage of it. There is a reason for everything.

Is this a new car? Was the mechanism defective? Did the police take a report? Have you spoken to a plaintiff’s attorney yet? You really should go see one.

I had this happen to me also. I was driving along and all of a sudden my tire just flew off. I lust skid for about 150 feet. I was pretty lucky becaus I was doing about 55 at the time. My tire almost hit another car going the other way. Should have seen how far my tire went.