Scariest Night of My Life

What a horrible experience (which could have been a lot worse). As some of you know, I’m just finishing up a cutting phase (got down to just under 10% BF, no muscle loss). Anyway, along with a cutting diet and low calories plus a hard GBC workout, I expected the low energy levels that followed. I also expected to have less of a libido than I did when cycling Tribex and Androsol. Well, last night I get the beautiful girl into bed. We’re having fun, going well … then it’s time to go all the way. Problem! I can’t get an erection. Oh hell no! Tried for a while, no success. Hell, low energy, 4 am, and I had to piss. Got up to go to the bathroom to alleviate that problem … and as I’m walking out of the bedroom I heard the dreaded words: “We don’t have to have sex, it’s okay.” Oh hell no it’s not okay!! Got back into bed, concentrated with full effort, and whew!! got the job done, well done I might add. But man, was I terrified it wasn’t going to happen. Anyway, massive eating and androsol/tribex cycle starts now!! No more of this crap. Warning to anyone who wants to do some major cutting … supplement with a T-booster. Don’t let this, or much worse, happen to you. I learned my lesson …

How much money is it worth to you for me NOT to print this and publish it to the BMX community? Hahaha…I can’t say shit since third shift has been wreaking my ability to “be ready at a minute’s notice” as well…

JeffD, uh yeah, keep it on the DL. LOL … Oh well, this forum is about our bodies and how they work and how to get them to work better. And part of the reason, hell, most of the reason, we work out is for a better sex life. I’m looking forward to being the crazed unstoppable dawg I was when I last took Tribex!

are you on thermogenics? ephedra and co. can cause some ED

Yeah, I was stacking MD6 and T2.

I have had the same problem and I definately have to at least partially blame the ECA stack(probally low test, from dieting, as well).
O.K. Here is my problem I have gone from about 20% bf to my present aprox 8-9% bf and have recently noticed something very disturbing. My penis girth has decreased!? I’ve got a full six pack for the first time in my life and now this. Is this a result of losing a great deal of bodyfat or is God just laughing at me.