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Scared to Try Something New


I've been lifting on and off for a few years. I'm just under 200 right now at 6'1". Was in the low 150s when I started training years ago. Bodyfat is roughly 15%. I've been a little bigger, and stronger than I am right now, but not by a lot. Unfortunately, my consistency hasn't been great. I've fluctuated way too much over the years.

Most of the time, I've done a split like this, with 2-3 sets of 4-7 reps per exercise:

Monday- Back/Triceps
Deadlifts every other week
Close grip bench
Pulldowns or Weighted Pullups
DB Rows

Wednesday- Legs/Shoulders
Squats or Front Squats
Hack Squats
Leg Curls
Standing Calves
Seated Calves
Shoulder Press
Side Raises

Friday- Chest/Biceps
Incline Bench
Barbell Curls
Weighed Dips

I have a lot more strength in my upper body than lower body. I can close grip 315x5 with good form, DB Row 150x15, Dip +155 for 6, DB Shoulder 100s for 6. My best squat was only 315x5, SLDL 315x10, Deadlift 425 for 1. My arms are 16.75", legs are a measily 24", calves a weak 15.25" (just started the Luke Sauder calf routine and will try that for at least 3 months).

My goal is to be around 225 pounds, with most of that growth in my legs. So I have 25 pounds to go, and I'd say I want 15 of that to go into my legs, and 10 into my upper body. I might get hated on for posting this goal in this forum, and I'll go elsewhere if needed, but I respect a lot of the people here (I've lurked here for 5 years before signing up).

For some reason, I'm stuck on doing low reps with long rest on a split routine. I really like lifting heavy, but I feel like I need to change something eventually, because I'm kinda tired of this routine and the lifting low reps every time, and I know I can't just do this forever- whether it be the reps, or the routine. I actually tried a full body routine a year ago (HST) and a few of my lifts got stronger than ever. I'm some reason, I'm scared to try something else because I could lose strength. I was scared before I tried the HST routine but I actually got a little bigger and stronger in most lifts.....however, I only did 2 cycles of HST and then got into a car accident and couldn't walk for a while.

I hope this all made sense. So....my goals are-

Get to 225ish at 6'1"
Gain more in my lower body
Squat 400 for reps
Deadlift 500+
Bench 400
Legs 26"
Arms 17.25"
Calves 17"

Should I just do Chad Waterbury routines? Full body HST (or an upper/lower HST)? Split?

I took some pics just now...WOW I'm a pile of shit. If this thread doesn't go to shit, I'll take some better pics with a real camera later on when I gain and even out my body.

Thanks for any help I might get.


I woulnd't worry about following any particular routine. I noticed that you hit a bodypart once a week. You might want to consider hitting them bi-weekly. Your weekly volume could be too low to make any further size gains. You have good strength though!


Well for a start you can add some 20rep sets for legs. A 20 rep leg set is actually done with a 10-12 rep weight and from there take deep breaths in betwees reps and grind on till you reach 20. If this doesn't work for your legs, you are truly cursed my friend.

Frequency can and most probably should also be upped as suggested as well.

A two way split done for 3 days a week with a two way exercise rotation is a fool proof way to go about this.

You can do squats (3x5) on Monday for your main lift with some leg curls, db rows/chest supported rows and biceps as assistance (only ONE exercise per muscle group on assistance please wihich can also have a 2 way rotation)

Wednesday you can do flat bench/wide grip chest dips as the main with inclines,shoulders and tri's for assistance (only ONE exercise per muscle group on assistance please wihich can also have a 2 way rotation)

Friday is deads as main lift with 20 rep leg presses to follow, back width and bi's again (only ONE exercise per muscle group on assistance please wihich can also have a 2 way rotation)

Monday is inclines as main lift with flat bench,shoulders and tri's (only ONE exercise per muscle group on assistance please wihich can also have a 2 way rotation)

Main lifts can be 2/3 x 5 reps
assistance can be 3 sets 8 or whatever rocks your boat as long as it is higher rep range than your main lifts and lowish volume (2 or 3 sets)

Calves can be done on leg days and abs on chest days.


You could just link him to the SPBR, woulda been much easier.


I had the same problem I just couldn't gain anymore doing a normal split I thought I was strong.then I went to dc training its hard when you train with a lot of volume then switch to dc.but when u get used to it you explode I went from 15.5 calfs to 17.25 within 8 weeks. I was 235 and at the end of my blast cycle 10weeks iam 258 so that is something you might want to look into.


Yea, my triceps get hit 3 days a week and I know my legs need more frequency.....or way more volume. I think I need to just do squats one day, and front squats the other day...for 2 leg workouts a week. Plus SLDLs and regular deadlifts.

I'm not completely sure why my leg strength hasn't gone up. I started training them a year after upper body, maybe I need more volume or frequency, maybe I'm a wimp. I'm going to work on it.

Your results from DC training seem quite nice. Mind posting what exercises you did?

I'm well aware of DC but am....scared to try it, always was. How important is the streching part of the routine?


Don't even consider DC please...

If you can't even decide NOW what to do and not know how to make your legs grow NOW, how will you keep consistently follow DC and know when and how to make tweaks to diet, rest,carbs, cardio and blasting and cruising for at least 2 to 3 years?

Yes that is how much you should believe in DC and know about yourself before you make that decision.

DC is ONLY for advanced bodybuilders wo can't gain much from regular power based routines anymore.

If you can't get your squat up to 450 without DC why even consider doing it now and how do you think will it be better for YOU now than a power based routine?

...And yeah RossDB I could have just done that as well...:slight_smile:


I simply don't get the mindset of being dcared to try a new work-out routine? Why is this? Some of the most advanced have tried most under the sun. E.g. dave tate states he's tried so many different things. Forget being scared about it. If the routine still applies heavy lifting, you go to the gym every time according to plan and eat then there's nothing to be scared about.

And as grinder001 states. Don't even consider DC. It's been stated multiple times. DC is aimed at advanced level - face the truth instead of thinking you're special. There are things out there much better suited for you.

I personally am intrigued by DC too, but I know that I'm nowhere near advanced enough to reap full benefits from it.

Choose some new methods, like 20 rep, or CW or whatever is out there. Motivation and having fun is crucial to your performance.

All the best.


Honestly, I don't see any problems choosing a routine or tyring something new. You obviously know your shit as you have fairly decent numbers. Just choose/make a routine and go balls to the wall with it.

The problem is obviously CONSISTENCY. Get that fixed, stay motivated, and you'll be seeing BETTER results.