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Scared to Start TRT Because of Shrinking Testicles


I am 29 and my testosterone levels taken several times over the last 2 years have ranged from low 300s to high 300s.

I am considering starting TRT for presumably life, but I am terrified of shrinking testicles.

I know about HCG, but even with HCG, I hear many people still shrink.

Can people here tell me if they experienced shrinking and how long they have been on it?

It is a deal breaker for me if my testicles shrink, cause maybe I am superficial, but I like the visual of normal sized balls.

Hi! I was worried about this too. I think it’s different for everyone but on regular doses I’m not clear that it’s even a necessary concern. For me my peak T was measured around 1100 (up from 200 pre-TRT) so I am getting plenty.

I have been on for over a year and if anything mine have somewhat plumped a little. They were hanging and sad when I was low.

Beyond that I know you said it’s superficial but once you start suffering the really awful consequences of low T (low energy, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and ZERO dead done done done numb and non-existent sex drive) you may reconsider. It’s a living hell and in comparison even carrying around marbles won’t seem like the worst thing.

Everyone is different so I’m not here to tell you your priorities are out of whack (I get your fear, seriously) but I am pretty sure the threat of that particular side effect is overblown in that it is far from guaranteed that it will happen. My impression was it was a foregone conclusion… and it just isn’t. See what others say about their own situation in this thread.

5 months on TRT and haven’t noticed a difference. Buddies are always high and tight!

Of all the things that changed when I started trt this was not one of them. I cannot imagine forgoing a treatment that’s life-altering because I was worried about a completely avoidable side effect.


I can pretty much guarantee you that any woman is going to prefer a solid erection over whether or not your balls have changed.

You are worrying over the minutia and overlooking the big picture


I noticed my testicles pull up tight on TRT when estrogen is high, decreasing estrogen seems to fix that problem. You can’t function and behave like a man if T/E2 ratios are off, you will behave like a menopausal women if estrogen dominant.

I cease being estrogen dominant when TT is 400> and estrogen is <35. This may be a little different for each individual because some can handle more estrogen without sides which is determined how sensitive your body is to a particular hormone.

I think it’s silly to risk multiple diseases and live a poor quality of life just to keep your testicles (or hair) full size.


It makes no sense to avoid something that could literally change your life because your nuts might get smaller and nothing else.

No girl gives a shit how big they are. If it shrunk your P I would understand, but it def doesn’t have any negative impacts there

My fear is that if they start shrinking or pull up super tight, it’ll be permanent

Im gay so my dick/ balls matter more in sex since gay guys do care

It’s not permanent. You’d have to abuse testosterone for a while to make that problem irreversible, and even then a lot of guys come out the other side just fine.

Just use a reasonable amount of hcg and you shouldn’t have any issues. If you need trt then you should go for it. It has been life changing for me and a lot of others.

Women like the balls. Your partner(s) will be a lot happier with what T does to your wood.

Mid 40s went from a limp wet noodle (while low t, course) to a steel bar.

My chick, who knows nothing of TRT, stated randomly to me “I love your perky balls… I hate saggy ones”.

Chicks don’t like those nasty, low hanging, gross sacks of nuts.

What changes should I expect my testicles to go through?

I’ve been on TRT for a few months now and I haven’t noticed any shrinkage. Even still, I’d rather have my balls a mm or two smaller than have my d**k not working.

But i hear it’s a lot more than 1-2 mm. I hear it’s sometimes as bad as 20-50% and they pull up tight to the body. I like mine being able to hang occasionally

Ive been on coming up on two years and they do hang a little higher but no noticeable shrinkage. Ive never had big ones anyway probably due to being low T my whole life. But hey if they atrophy you can always have them removed and fake ones put in.

That fear is unfounded. I stopped TRT after 2 and a half years and my tesicles are hanging just fine. Take Finasteride/Propecia and maybe that fear with turn into a reality.

Most men notice none or a slight decrease in size by about 25 percent, but it’s hard to know what to expect in a world filled with biochemical individuality.

And that 25% comes back after stopping? On it’s own or with medication assisting?

I stopped cold turkey, no PCT or drugs, I let nature take it course. I withdrew of benzos after 30 years (14-45) in 2015 which is why I need TRT, if you can do that you can do anything.

Stopping TRT cold turkey was very easy in comparison to withdrawing off Klonopin/Clonazepam, sure I felt exhausted for about 3 weeks, by the four and a half week mark it was clear to me my HPTA was up and firing again strongly at first, then it returned to the state it was in that got me diagnosed with low testosterone.

I didn’t get the needle to move at all, originally TT at 120, 2 and a half years later 119 and 97 ng/dL after stopping TRT.

but what about your testicles? were they back to their full size?

Full size and softer, on TRT tesicles felt more like leather.