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Scared to Start-Blood Test Result Help

So I went to pharmacist today to get a couple extra needles and Syringes I was able to get without a prescription but when he asked me what size he said you can’t do testosterone sub Q. Lol I’ll just get them online

My biggest issue with Starting this is I don’t have any support if I do need an AI with insurance I’m getting this for $10 a month, little strapped for cash tight now to be able to go to like the defy or local clinic so that’s one of the main reasons I haven’t started yet. Just the last round of blood test I did by myself actually put on a credit card and I’ll be paying for a few months LOL

Then start at 80mg/wk and see where that takes you. Your first 3-4 weeks will still suck the body doesn’t quite know what to do so all your hormones go kind of crazy. Just know it all goes way on its own you don’t have to do anything.

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E2. Is 34. Came back today.

Just tell him you are shooting heroin they will sell you all the needles you want. Pharmacist did the same thing with me after selling single syringes to a couple junkies in front of me. Just go to another pharmacy and they will just assume you are diabetic.

Good info thanks. Id lose the weight faster with Heroin? Just kidding. Thanks for your help

So this is your natty E2?

There’s a hole in Daddies arm where all the money goes…


Yes natural E2 is 34. Is that bad

Wow, a John Prine reference on here.

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34 on what range? If it’s the normal range from say Labcorp then it is a good number and probablt just dandy.

< or = 39 pg/ml. Direct labs

In that case, it’s a little high, but if you feel good I wouldn’t worry about it.

Does anyone think Low T has something to do with my Vasectomy ??

I could see that being rough but to feel good 24/4 those little pricks are worth it. if you go sub q its no big deal at all…ive been using the 27guage and rotating delts and ventro glutei and its been a piece of cake. if its not too much hassle I may swap to doing 3 a week as well to be even more stable. …however if you told me I had to inject 3x a week with a bigger and longer needle like I used to fuck that lol

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Thanks for the input appreciate your time responding. Do you use 27g 1/2”. And what CC syringe .5cc or 1cc if you dont mind me asking. How much do you inject each dose?

Could be who knows. Other guys have said the same. Got Vasectomy and now low t. Quick google search will tell you what’s happening.

You got approved for trt. Don’t reminisce on old and onward to a reality where low t is the last thing on your mind. More energy. More happy. More between the sheets. More sleep. Better everything. Once it works you’ll be happy to take trt.

Jsut make sure you have a legitimate professional in your corner

This 34 is with his natty TT of 200
He’s fixing to go to a TT of ~600 depending on how much he decides to start injecting.
IMO he could be at 60 or greater in no time if he take too much.

Free T Came back 36.7 pg/ml. 35.0-155.00

That free T sucks.

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