Scared to Start-Blood Test Result Help

Hello All. I need some help/advice

45 yr old Male not in good shape 255 pounds 5’11”. Had vasectomy about 5 years ago and seemed like thats when i declined, poor sleep and energy. I also had stent in LAD july 2016. Went on lipitor and was brutal with sides. Now my cholesterol panel is a concern. Went to a urologist for unrelated issue and tested Psa .7 and total testosterone 167. This was results from what he ran and not included in the self tests posted below. This was February 15th. He prescribed me 200mg/ml Test Cyp injections to do once a week. Draw with 18g and inject IM with 22g1”. I filled prescription then started to do some research on my own before starting.

I have not started as of yet as Im scared and also I wanted to do more testing on my own. After reading for a couple months here i can see this is a little more than just taking these shots. I ordered some tests on my own and have most results back. Still waiting for rt3, shbg, and another TT and FT. Estrogen seems extreme at the level it came back. My Hct has went down to 48.5 this last test as i have been conscience of hydration. HCT has been 50 ish for over 15 years.

SHGB is 13. 10-50 nmol/L
E2 is 34. <39 Direct labs
Free T. 36.7. Pg/nl. 35.0-155.0

image image image

Welcome damndocs your lipids are really bad not as bad as when I started.

You are going to need more than 200mg/wk of T to get fixed. You need to overhaul your diet and start exersizing daily. I would add taken daily omege-3 fish oil 3000-4000 ius, 5000mg D3, and a high quality CoQ10 120mg. Ask your doc for metformin 500mg twice a day.

On your TRT I would cut your dose in half to start. 100mg/wk just to get over all the bad side effects of starting TRT.
Following your two blood test was hard for me. any idea why your HCT is >51%? Did you already start taking the 200mg? If not you need to go donate blood one pint of whole blood.
With all your weight you really should ask for anastrozole to keep your E2 and prolactin low.

Oops I forgot here’s my lipids now. So you know I am not bullshitting you.

Thanks for responding. Nice job on you Lipids. Did you have alot if weight to lose? Why do you think i need Metaformin ? Any chance you think i can do this without and AI. Only High E symptom i have is moody and soft erections.

You won’t know if you need the ai until you start taking. Just take your first shot already and take out your new lease on life. Everything will get better. In a year You will be a new person


You’ll need 200mg/week. Next time check estradiol. I’ll wait for the thyroid tests to be finalized. I would add DHEA. I like @hrdlvn’s lipid advice, except I would hold off on the metformin, for now. Make sure you are well hydrated next time you get labs. Platelets are low, which is good.

Make every effort to do this. Estrogen is cardioprotective.

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5’9" 260# waist 42" to 192# 34" waist. Biceps 13" to 17" Oh yeah I’m 65 years old.

So I am still confused. Are you taking the 200mg/wk or not? Your title and first post leads us to believe you have not started yet. But why is your HCT over range? High E2 and prolactin is body fat but not HCT.

No you need an AI until you lose the body fat. Body fat is what makes E2 and you are going to flood your body with T which converts to E2. Loss of libido will be next so you you won’t care you can get a boner.

Thanks again gents. I Have NOT started injections as of yet. I updated my pics of my labs as RT3 came in and also DHEA. I do not know why my Hemocrit is higher range it has always been. I have blood tests from 2005 with it at those ranges.

High pull- Did I run wrong Estrogen test? Dammit if i did. Ha!

DHEA is at 107.

I appreciate everyones time posting back to me. I need to pull the trigger and lose this weight as well. Im going through the normal newbie questions of maybe if i lose this weight the Testosterone levels will come back. But after hovering about this forum i know the truth.

Has anyone seen improvement in BP. Mine is about 140/95 averages.

Thanks again

Yeah, you want estradiol. AKA E2.

Yes, indirectly.

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My.blood pressure has got better. Was was off the charts at 30 years old. A few months on TRT and I have stopped both my BP meds

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What do you guys think about having a stent. Should i be more cautious with this

I think you are doing great. So many jump in with massive starting doses get screwed up with water weight gains, acne, high E2 which causes ED and libido issues, mood swings, high HCt crashed ferritin and then ask for our help. You have not asked one dumb question. I salute you.

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Thank you sir. I just want to do this as safe as possible. And have a piece of mind that i made the right informative decision without being too annoying to everyone here.

Yes, work on the lipids. Lose the visceral fat. TRT will help, but diet and exercise are part of it.

I just ordered E2 Test on directlabs. Probably will have done tomorrow

I agree with HighPull. Diet, exersize and getting your hormones in balance is the magic trifecta.
Just getting your T over 500 will kick your metabolism in the ass and you will start burning fat in your sleep. You will be kicking off your bedcovers and generating body heat like you did in your 20’s
When looking at your diet we don’t mean starve yourself.
I eat like a horse but I have had to give up some things. All Bread(that means pizza Ouch or maybe its Ugg), all yellow cheeze, all omega 6 oils. Everyones list is different. Where are your empty calories?
I am never hungry and yet I can see my abs. I didn’t have abs in my 20’s. My wife can’t believe the transformation. I bought her a Defy membership best money I have ever spent.

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SHBG is 13. 10-50 nmol/L

Is there a better time to test E2? Morning or afternoon

Pre TRT probably not. Your natural T peaks about 8AM and E2 is made from T so your E2 might be highest around noon. I am totally guessing here.

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With a low SHGB many including myself believe you need multiple shots during the week, Like M/W/F These would be sub Q around your navel or love handles. With a very small syringe the 27ga 1/2" easy touch is very popular.

The thoughts behind that is with low SHGB you will have more Free T and more free E2 those are the ones that you feel. High free E2 will make you moody and could add to ED and loss of libido. So small shots means smaller T peaks and small Free E2.


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