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Scared to Eat Extra Calories


I've worked out on and off for 2 years, but even when my diet was good and I lifted hard, I gained fat. Now, I am lifting harder than ever and cleaned up my diet, but I am scared to eat 2000 or so extra calories. Can someone explain to me the science behind eating so much more, but only having some of those calories turn into fat? I think I just need to convince myself that eating right will lead to muscle gain and not fat gain




"Resistance exercise is fundamentally anabolic and as such stimulates the process of skeletal muscle protein synthesis (MPS) in an absolute sense and relative to skeletal muscle protein breakdown (MPB). However, the net effect of resistance exercise is to shift net protein balance (NPB = MPS - MPB) to a more positive value; however, in the absence of feeding NPB remains negative. Feeding stimulates MPS to an extent where NPB becomes positive, for a transient time. When combined, resistance exercise and feeding synergistically interact to result in NPB being greater than with feeding alone. This feeding- and exercise-induced stimulation of NPB is what, albeit slowly, results in muscle hypertrophy."

2000 calories over your daily output is excessive though. While gaining shoot for about 1 or 2 lbs of weight gain a week. Adjust your intake until you hit that rate of growth.


Who the fuck told you to eat 2000 calories above maintenance?

Were you valedictorian in retarded bodybuilding school?


Wait would that make you the most or least retarded?


you must have been salutatorian



Thanks trav123456!!! that was just what I was looking for..