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scared to do cardio after reading this



particularly the Adaptations over Time of Resistance Training
Vs. Aerobic Endurance Training




It's more the ratio of time devoted to cardio and weightlifting.

Chronic aerobic athletes that don't lift do see the adaptations that Alessi mentions.

But, weightlifting athletes who add a bit of cardio (not excessive amounts) can still keep all the adaptive ratios in favor of the postive benefits from weightlifting.

I think Alessi blows the issue way out of proportion in relation to the application of cardio to bodybuilders.

Make sure to read Cardio Roundtable to see how many others interpret the application of cardio.


Theres one thing I didn't understand in the article. It mentions that doing a high number of sets with low reps (2-5) releases maximum testosterone and growth hormone, but then suggests doing reps of 10?????