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Scared on Halodrol


im on day 20 of my halodrol mt cycle, i take 75mg a day and i have a few questions

should i be taking something for the liver? suggestoins?

should i be taking anti estrogen while on cycle?

should i be taking a test booster while on cycle?

what is a good pst stack and how long should i pst?


LMAO.... this made my night.. like seriously, I was about to go to bed... and got home and decided to check this....


By the way, you say you bought this all at GNC, so you didn't get any steroids or anything like that. You got gimmicks. You wasted all that money on useless shit...

The protein, creatine, and glutamine are decent supplements... jack3d is okay for energy, and you wasted your money on the other shit.

My favorite line was "I figured it was just a pill kind of like oxy elite pro that would help. Then I read about man boobs"

You know what else are pills? D-bol, anadrol, hydrocodone, adderal, DNP, percocet....... lol....

At first I thought you were on the old PH, Halodrol, it might do something, but the shit you have is a complete waste.

Lucky for you, you got something that is not only a complete waste of money, but also won't hurt you.

You do not need PCT (this may be what you meant by pst?) because this is not a prohormone or steroid.

Your buddy is an idiot too for suggesting that. You both need to read some stuff so you don't waste money on useless shit, or taking shit you don't know about.


I also see you edited it while I was typing a reply... anyways, if you got it at GNC, you are safe...

I am just glad I saw all the hilarious shit you posted before you edited it, I needed a laugh


First of all F. GNC. People who shop there are usualy kids and old ladies. Halodrol MT has nothing good in it whatsoever. That product is basically "coasting" on the reputation of the old Halodrol-50, which Gaspari nutrition was scared to continue making because it didn't want the FDA on their ass. Halodrol-50 is a great product, and you can still get clones from other companies. If you want real Halodrol you MUST see this ingredient: 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17-diol. That's an anabolic hormone. The new Halodrol has dhea (weak hormone that's useless for anyone under 40) and arachodonic acid, which I think is worthless and possibly dangerous in large quantities due to it's nature as a marker for infammation.