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Scared of Tren. 2nd Cycle, May Need Help

2nd cycle. 12% bf. 195. 30 yr old. Doing a clean bulk

first time doing tren so a lil scared lol

1-8 weeks
Test-E 500mg/week
Tren-E 400mg/week
Mast. 300mg/week(first 3-4 weeks)

Weeks 9-14
Test-E 500mg/week
Anavar 20mg/daily(last 30 days)
Winny 50mg/daily(last 25 days)
Tern-Ace 300mg/week(last 3 weeks)

will have arimidex on standby during the cycle and will wait two weeks and run nolvedex 40/40/20 for pct
i have some promo and some Cabergoline for prolactin

Other than the pct what do people think of this

I have a limited knowledge set of gear, but mostly take care of guys who have pooched hormones.

I don’t set the merit of the second week orals.

From my point of view, the more zeno-testosterones you take, the greater the risk of impairment.

Willing to learn …

Not taking AI from the start is dumb. Winny sucks. 20mg of Anavar is a waste. I don’t know much on Tren so no comment there.

For the second cycle this is an overkill especially since you are relatively small. General recomendation is that your first 2-3 cycles should be test only. I’m planing on doing my second cycle on 400mg test only and i’m 215lbs with 13 percent bodyfat. Every cycle with test in it needs an AI from the start, altough some need small doses, some need higher, your bloodwork will tell you if you need to up your dosages.
Read the stickes and Austinites Educational Article Database (google search).

Most people will say to run tren Ace your first time around so you can drop it if you can’t handle the sides but god damn do ED/EOD injections suck if your not ready for them.

If it were me*** I would run

1-12 Test E 750-1000 EW
1-10 Tren E 400-600 EW
1-3 Dbol 30-50 ED
9-12 Winny 50ED

Obviously AI on cycle, HCG yada yada yada

But get caber if you do decide on tren. Start at .25 Twice a week and bump to .5 If needed…

Again this is just me and probably what I’m going to run next… Along with some EQ…

My 2 cents


thanks guys