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Scared of a Muscle Tear on Last Portion of Cycle


So I am on the last portion of my cycle and am currently running

Test E-500mg/Wk
tren-ace-300mg/ Wk
Anavar (low dose)- 20/daily
Winny- 50/daily
caber- twice a week
al- arimidex- .75 eod

The question is and this may be a stupid one but should I cut back on the arimidex because I feel like my muscles are so tight while working out now that I am going to tear a muscle … had a scare like 5 days ago with my pec and had the same scare today with the same pec but wasn’t as uncomfortable as the first situation.

Please any advice will be helpful… i know and won’t to chest the next time i have chest to let it rest a lil longer


I haven’t heard of that being a problem with Adex.
Are you just training like a beast, with heavy weights, or does it feel like something systemic?
Whatever it is listen to your body rather than just ploughing through.


If you are gaining ability to lift rapidly, two things could happen:

  • damage does not have time to recover
  • connective tissue muscle attachments are not strong enough. Those structures are not vascular and you can break things because muscle strength gains are out pacing the connective tissue strength gains.

Muscles may simply not getting recovery time. Fish oil can help with inflammation and magnesium may be helpful in calming jangled nerves. Muscle cramps are a strong indicator of insufficient magnesium.


Thanks for the info guys. I’ll see what I can do, hope I can fix it so I don’t pull or tear something


So I got magnesium pills to get more in my diet. Which is weird because I eat enough of greens and fish. But the pills are helping and thank you for the info


Thanks for the feedback.
Muscle cramps are a sure sign of magnesium deficiency. And dehydration can make it all worse too.


Just a thought: I had a minor pec tear at the end of my first cycle. It had nothing to do with the things that have been talked about in this thread so far though. It was because my bench form was shitty. My shitty form never bothered me before, but when I started handling heavier weight, it took it’s toll on me. Just something to consider. That may not be the answer, but it could be. I fixed the issue by arching my back substantially more than I used to, and touching the bar lower on my chest.