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Scared for After Test Cycle


Hey guys I have a question, i have a testosterone cypionate small bottle 2000 mg and i have also a test e 2000 mg, i have never done a cycle yet i only had my friend inject me with 150 mg about 4 days ago and i am also waiting for a pct which will be clomid, my question is, does it matter which test i start using first? And i also dont plan on injecting anything anymore until the clomid pills arrive so this way i have my pct ready.

I need help i am kind of scared for the after the cycle, do you guys think that clomid as a pct will do the job? I want to keep my gains after the cycle and my diet in check and try to push my strength to the limit even after so i can keep some muscle, i also have a test booster i got at the vtamin shop its called halo tropin so i dont know if that can come in play for the pct .


You are going to screw this up. Do a lot more research starting with the stickies on this board.


Why do people just inject or have their friends inject whatever into their bodies?

1) Do yourself a favor, don't inject anymore of anything. Read, research and prepare yourself. Stickies on this board are a good start.
2) Your "friend" isn't really a friend, he's a fucktard. Tell him to fuck off.


You should ALWAYS have your PCT and anciliaries on hand BEFORE you run a cycle. You should also have researched so you know what drugs to use and in what amounts.

Read the stickies.

Clomid will suffice for PCT.

BUT you are forgeting side effects can occur ON CYCLE. You need to use an AI and have nolva on hand. So, if you can change your order to nolva, you will save some money.

Again, read the stickies.

It is redundant. You can take it if you want but I'd save it for when you're off cycle and need an extra boost for your training.

You look pretty good. Get your research done and purchase the required items and you'll make good gains.


yeah, that one injection won't do much of anything so just wait until you have your clomid and an AI before doing anything else.