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Scared about a Cramp


I don't get them much.
Woke up this morning and strecthed toes pointed like the top end of a calf raise. I did deadlifts and traps yesterday.

What's was so weird about this cramp other than the intense pain, (worse cramp I ever had.)
That when it was easing up it felt like there were some nerves jumping. ( like if your eye twitches ) I could feel it on the inside and physically touch it jumping. Could of been some muscles twicthing? I honestly thought I tore something.

Diet is decent, drank a gallon of water yesterday, had sodium thru the day and even ate a banana about an hour before bed. ( didn't know it was loaded with cards and sugars)

iit was about 20 minutes ago, I can move the foot in all directions, little sore when I walked or to try to point my toes straight.

Why did my nerves jump in this are as soon as I got a cramp?


Scientifically, I have no idea why that would happen, but I don't think it's a big deal. I could cramp my calves at any time by just flexing them too hard. Also, they're always twitching during workouts. When I squat, I'll just sit down in between sets and watch them move like they're alive, lol. I don't think you have anything to worry about.


Do you do any mobility or soft tissue work on your calves?


haha, I've never had that happen. I've seen my nerves jump before, but never on a muscle i was working out.

I use to have them cramp if i stretched toes pointed so i stopped. First time this has happened in a while, and the nerves jumping was so weird.

Also, to the second poster. I stretch, but never any foam rolls or anything. What do you think? My calves are super detailed and good size. I hardly work them out, but i do. Just have good genetics. So i don't think soft tissue damage, or scar tissue?


did i feel like muscle spasm? cuz thats pretty much what a cramp is... calf cramps are a bitch


They really are.

It was def. a cramp brought on by a stretch. Could you define a muscle spasm? Could it be possible they both happened?

It's still a little sore today, which is weird.


guessing the cramp is in your toes/foot, not your calves?


what you said in OP sounds like a muscle spasm "I could feel it on the inside and physically touch it jumping. Could of been some muscles twicthing?" and ive had bad calf cramps in the past that left it sore for a couple days



I got a nasty charlie horse in my right outer quad while posing. Had me hopping on one foot in the locker room punching the shit out of my leg. Ended up limping around the rest of the day and it was a little swollen. Not sure if it was due to the cramp or punching, but either way I was fine the next morning.

Low sodium and lack of proper hydration often lead to cramping.


I had drunk about a gallon of water and had some potash in the diet, could have been lack of sodium, but that sounds hard to believe.
Someone asked if it was foot or calf. It was deep calf.
The cramp was more on the lateral side(outer) of the calf. And the "spasm" or twicthing was like on the medial side(inner) worst calf cramp I've ever had.

I have had random twitches in my quads and hams on both legs since then. And my left eye twitches randomly. So I guess its a nerve? Its pretty weird.
I have also quit smoking. Its been 13 days cold turkey. I don't know if that's an issue? Maybe a WD?

Any comment on the leg twitches?


I'd love to get a video of my calf when it cramps...it flexes harder than I could ever possibly flex it myself and the middle of the calf sort of drops down and ripples a lot.
Sort of like my lower leg is trying to turn into a werewolf.
And of course it's a fucking horrible painful thing.


um, you don't need to have "soft tissue damage" to warrant soft tissue work. Should be doing it as regularly as you stretch. If you're intelligent about warming up (dynamic stretching and foam rolling) there's really no reason you should ever get muscle cramps.


I dont get muscle cramps, unless i stretch first thing in the morning with toes pointed i will.

But thats not my concern, it was the nerves jumping that was my concern.