Scar Tissue/Muscle Damage from Daily Injections?

Can daily injections cause muscle damage and atrophy? I inject daily alternating between shoulders only. Could this be a problem long term? I use a 0.5” 28 gauge insulin pin.

I have lots of scar tissue in my shoulders from cycling years ago. Used larger needles. Now I use thinner ones, but can still feel when I go into a scarred area. It’s a hassle, but not a big deal (yet). As far as atrophy I haven’t noticed that, however my shoulders grow very slowly, maybe there’s a connection?

Yeah not sure. But if there was tissue damage in either shoulders they wouldn’t look uniform. Do they both look exactly the same?

They do look the same, and feel the same flexed. But I can feel the hard spots, larger on the right side, so I try to inject around them

Hopefully posting this video is ok. He dives into the question pretty well