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Scar Tissue in Upper Back Causing Pain


I've posted about this twice before and have gotten some helpful advice but the problem purists. I have had both ART and grastons therapy with mild success. My therapist believes I have scar tissue and has been trying to break it up with minimal results. Today I finally went to my doctor who basically said the same thing but offered little in the way of treatment other than to stop deadlifting(not gonna happen). So I ask anybody out there know of any way to resolve scar tissue build up. Any advice will be greatly appropriated. Thank you in advance.


How long did you receive the ART and graston treatments? In severe cases of scar tissue, which this sounds like it is the case, it can take a month or more of regular treatment sessions to resolve the issue. Also, just getting the ART/graston will not solve the problem. It must be done in conjunction with some form of ROM, usually best to do a static stretch and dynamic mobility. If you just get the soft tissue treatment and not do the mobility work, the tissues will still haphazardly lay down and be restrictive. You have to stress the tissues after the aggressive soft tissue work in order to correct their pattern.


I have been having the treatments for about 5 weeks now


forgive, why the focus on scar tissue? that's getting very micro before the macro level has been addressed.

i see a previous link

and the suggestions you had were not only about a possible rib out of place (i own i don't have enough info to say yay or nay to that), but you were also encouraged to look at mobility issues. - what is causing the muscle to spasm was the question
(if that's what that pain is)

So far you've said you've gone to an ART. ok. An ART is not trained in looking at movement but in dealing with tissue - which can be great, but in this case is not getting the context: your pain is triggered by movement, so looking at movement is pretty sensible.

So the specialist to get with is a movement therapist who also knows soft tissue work.
Why? movement has a huge issue on movement related pain. Agreed sometimes a person needs both movement and manual manipulation, but starting with the patterns rather than the particulars can often be more effective.

I'd encourage you, since you're in new york, to call a great coach in your area, Court Wing, an excellent z-health master trainer who can look at your movement and who is also specifically trained in soft tissue and in particular working with scar tissue.
New York, NY
United States
917-816-8542, court.wing@gmail.com

let him know mc recommended you, and please
Let me know how it goes.