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Scar Tissue from Injecting

43 and dr said he wants to avoid doing multiple injections per week and suggested pellets. he said at my age (young for t replacement, which seems incorrect, lots of guys under 40 seem to be on here) doing more than once a week will fuck up my butt tissue and cause pain when sitting etc because of a build up of start tissue from injecting too much. Never, ever heard of this, and have heard of countless dudes pinning up to everyday.

Whenever I inject it seems to only last a day or two then i’m back to baseline. My protocols have been so misguided though up until now so I haven’t had any consistent time taking appropriate dosages. Anyone ever hear of this? scar tissue, pain, damage to your ass muscles from pinning for years?

Only with steroid users back in the day, and these were guys injecting 2-3cc of something almost every day.

Doctors make more money inserting pellets then they do prescribing injectable testosterone, your doctor is choosing the route that will increase his income.

I inject testosterone in the shoulders and quads using 29 gauge insulin syringes, any doctor even suggesting injecting in the butt is old-school an outdated, a dinosaur!

I feel absolutely nothing when injecting testosterone every 2 days, I inject every 2 days because injections spread further apart causes inconsistency in how I feel unless I inject larger doses less frequently, but then I have problems with estrogen.

SubQ anywhere, 31G 6mm (15-64") syringe… WIN.

(I do this every day (shoulders, belly, thighs, butt, switch every day) due to very low SHBG, no scar tissue or fucks given)

Pellets insertion will cause way more scar tissue than injections every will.

I’ve been injecting .5 to 1 ml of Testosterone for over 8 yrs in my butt with no scar issues whatsoever. I do alternate butt cheeks but that’s all. This amount of T is called testosterone replacement. Now, if you are taking super physiological doses like 2 or 3 ml at a time, (I had a Doctor recommend this to me) then you have to map out both cheeks into maybe 6 or 8 zones and inject your dose into one zone at a time, moving on to the next zone until you have gone through all of the zones once and then start from the beginning again. You have to track where you inject each time because you will forget, This should minimize scar tissue build up but maybe not eliminate it.
I’ve also had a doctor tell me that he doesn’t do pellets anymore because the dose varys all over the place, the same with cream, and he only recommends IM inter muscle injections now.

The thing is that testasterone will help repair damaged tissue. Right? Especially a small prick. Regardless you should use legs; arms; and stomach. Subq works for many… I started with IM, then found subq and it made injecting myself a breeze.

I went from stomach and started on my outer leg days ago and I feel nothing. Zero pain. I can’t even feel the needle going in… I’m doing subq. Not IM.

What’s the outer leg and do you squeeze a pad of fat before injecting there?

Yes towards the top maybe about 6 inches below the hip.alongv the top towards the right. Goals to hit the fat not muscle. Z track.

From what my doc at defy told me, the only way you’re going to start having issues with scar tissues is if you are hitting the exact same spot every time. Either that or if your injecting a shitload of T every time in the same general area. Even if you tried that would be hard to do(regarding hitting the same exact spot). Changing sites could be as easy as rotating your injections around a particular freckle or something like that. If you are rotating different muscles altogether, your fine.

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