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Scar Tissue and Bilateral Aesthetic Imbalance Correction?


so, never saw this discussed, worth a shot.

as a kid i broke my collarbone which ultimately deposited scar tissue close to the origin of the L front delt, making its muscle belly shorter than the R front delt. and as we know, a shorter belly is a smaller one. So, not only do i have a L front delt smaller than the R, but i also have a L pec thats larger than the R pec (due to L pec having to compensate for reduced output of the L front delt).

question: would ART (or the like?) remove this scar tissue after all these years and allow the L front delt to reach same belly size as the R front delt?
would i be better served with prioritization training to address imbalances (ie: pre-exhaust & do L front delt work & R pec work, and then into normal routine)?



ART would be a great thing to do in order to break up scar tissue and allow normal muscle function. Another thing would be Graston technique which is using an instrument to help break up the adhesions. I would look into aggressive stretching as well and proper nutrition and herbal supplements when getting the ART and Graston done. Gota Kola is a great herb that helps tissue recovery and healing after surgeries or aggressive manual therapy.

The muscle will come back quick once the scar tissue is gone so I would not worry about changing your workout routine just for your shoulder.