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Scar tissue already?

I’m on my second cycle and have been noticing some difficulty in glute injections (23 guage 1 1/2 in.) Like an assholes I did my first cycle’s frontload 1 gram IP sust, 1 gram proline eq all with a 21 gauge 1 1/2 inch. That made for some HUUGE amounts of swelling, in fact it looked like an ass cheek was growing off my ass cheek. Anyway now I’m using the 23’s and no longer have any swelling issues/pain. However when I inject in my glutes I can almost feel the needle punch through different layers as opposed to just sliding on in. BTW yeas its a fresh pin/not the one I use to draw. Could I have scar tissue already?

Yes, it is a good chance that it may be scar tissue. Palpate it with your fingers, if it feels like a hard solid lump, you got some scarring. This is caused by too many injections in the same spot and excessive amounts of gear and high ba content. I just got a lump in my ventrogluteal last week - my first scar and hopefully the last. I should have given the sight a little longer to rest but I didn’t. Try massaging the area though to soften up/ breakup the scar tissue.

bro get some smaller pinz. 25 is as low as i go.

i doubt you have that much scar tissue already bro. i use 22g 1 1/2" for glutes. always have. i have done hundreds of glute shots. quite honestly, i dont notice any scar tissue at all. glutes have always been and continue to be very pain free shots. try using your quads for a while. 3cc’s will go in them just fine. also use various sites. maybe just give the glutes a rest for a bit. beyond that, i am stumped. you just shouldnt be close to excess scar tissue yet.

Thanks for the feedback. No lumps or hardened tissue. I don’t think it’s in my head though. Maybe all that time in the tanning bed has made me into a leather-ass? I always rotate glutes, quads/upper and lower, delts, bi’s, tri’s and occasionally traps and chest.

Yeah, Drago1, but then again I’ve heard you’re not above using couple quick taps with a hammer to get it in.

lol horse. the day i need a hammer is the day i quit. funny post though. you simpleton : )

You know, we haven’t had anyone ask about injecting it directly into their testicles lately.

Where are all the idiots when you need a laugh?