Scar Keeps Busting Open

I had a cyst removed from near my tail bone (top of the buttocks area) which required about 3 stitches. After it healed, the doctor said i could go back to contact sports (Brazilian jujisu and soccer). A few weeks later the scar busted open. So i went back and had stitches again. Gave it 2 weeks of total rest (no exercise at all) and went back for a final check up and he said it hadnt healed properly. so he put in some dissovable stitches. said to wait 2 weeks and then go back to contact sports. so i did.

now 1 week later the scar has busted open again. i dunno what to do. its not really painful but im worried about it getting infected and i just hate not playing sport for something so minor. i train brazilian jujitsu 3-4 times a week and u end up on your ass all the time. plus i play soccer on weekends. ive been using thickish band aids and vaseline to give it some protection, but it doesnt seem to work. any advice???

anyone? i think my original post was quite confusing, so i’ll try again.

  • had cyst removed on tail bone.
  • 3 stitches.
  • rested it. healed up. doc said go back to contact sports etc.
  • i do brazillian jujitsu and play football (soccer)
  • a month later the scar busted open.
  • had stitches again. rested it again on docs orders.
  • 2 weeks after stitches went back to doc.
  • hadnt healed properly so put in some dis-solvable stitches.
  • said rest if for another 2 weeks and then go back to contact sports. said no need to come back.
  • i rested it for 2 weeks like he said.
  • went back to brazilian jujitsu and 1 week later it busted open again and here i am.

ive been following the docs orders with not a lot of success. its not that painful and i can train through it pain wise, but i do worry about it getting infected. im worried that this is just gonna keep happening and i dont wanna keep missing training for weeks and months. anyone with similar scar experiences? any creams or anything on the market that u can suggest?