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Scapulohumeral Rythem


Any ideas? I have a seriously hypertonic left upper trap which kicks in even if I think about abducting my humerous which causes me to (amongst other things) bench press unevenly. How can I go about taming this unruly trap and get it to stop overactivating. I have more bulk in the left upper trap, a tighter pec on that side, and some rotator cuff and biceps tendonitis on the left also. There may be a conection...

I am currently stretching the problem pec and trap on a daily basis, and do plenty of rear delt and retraction work for my shoulder girdle.

Any help & ideas would be much appreciated!


Nothing profound here, but you could try some hanging depressions. Hang from a chin-up bar with weight and move the scapulae up and down.


Take care of the rotator cuff and bicipital tendonitis first. Your upper trap is overcompensating for the supraspinatus, which isn't contributing because it's inflamed and possibly torn (partially). Once the inflammation is gone, try side lying abductions to 45-degrees on a flat bench as outlined in my rotator cuff article. This exercise takes the upper trap out of the picture, and teaches activation of the supraspinatus while strengthening it (it's the muscle that should initiate abduction).

Good luck!


Thanks guys - input much appreciated.