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Scapular Retraction Problem

after writing this thread: http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1917874 , I noticed that I have an extremely painful time retracting my scapula probably due to my forward head posture.

I’ve lost trust in my chiropractor as all he does is do the same three things to my body but the pain keeps coming back during the week. He also said there are much safer exercises than deadlifts and squats that isolate the muscles more and r thus, more effective, all the while saying this with a gut and absolutely no muscle at all.

I’m sick of listening to anybody in the medical industry because the only thing they’ve done is relieve pain. Asking questions, reading articles, and applying what I’ve learned has helped with almost every problem I’ve had. So are there any drills, exercises, or stretches that I can do to help my problem? Thank you very much.

All they’ve done is relieve pain? I guess that’s a bad thing while you’re in pain.

Look up neanderthal no more, it actually helped out some imbalances I had quite a bit due to running all the time and missing stretches for a couple years.