Scapular Progress Help

sorry to bother again, i think im getting there to finally performing a dumbbell row correctly.

it seems that im starting to gain more control over my scapular now, and ive just started to strengthen my lower trapezius which i can finally feel working, but still when i attempt a dumbbell row it feels as if my arms are still doing a bit of the work and that i cant pull the weight up just using my shoulder blades. Is this because my lower trapezius still needs a bit more strengthening or is there another part of my scapula i should be focusing on?


what a noob

noob or not, the forum is to ask questions.

the bent over row should be performed by leading with the elbow. brace your core and lift the elbow to the ceiling. dont worry where you feel it.

the sub-scap (im assuming you mean this muscle) progresses through rows. I prefer bilateral movements for scap retraction. cressey and robertson have some great articles up, some on T-Nation, about scap retraction, mobility and stability. hope it helps

always remember that you arent helpless. asking questions is great if youve already done the research :wink: