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Scapular Height Discrepancy


I noticed in a pic that my left scapula is situated higher than the right scapula. I took some more pictures and it was not due to my posture in the pics - I was indeed standing straight and not hunched to one side at all. I do not have any major shoulder issues at except the occasional shoulder discomfort if I go heavy on OHP for weeks on end. I usually do scap pushups once a week and also occasionally do one arm cable rows to make sure my lower traps are firing. I don't want this to become an issue down the line and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. Perhaps bbb or the like can chime in....


To me from the photo it looks like your left hip is elevated as well which is probably offsetting your whole left side. Could be a bunch of different issues from a hip rotation deficit, to QL tightness, to a rib issue, etc.


Agree w/ LevelHeaded. Hard to tell from the photo but with height discrepancies you need to start from the ground up. Could have an anatomical leg length difference. Probably just varying muscle tighteness from the way you move yourself.

Go see an OMT doc in your area. They'll evaluate you properly.


Level appears to be on the right track. The problem could be in the pelvis, with one side tilted back. This causes the lower spine to rotate, and throw it out of whack all the way up the food chain. End result--forward or elevated shoulder. Easily fixed.


Easily fixed how?


Before it can be fixed, you need to find out what is causing it. Go see an movement specialist, PT/ATC, Osteopath/DO, etc to get your body assessed and movement patterns analyzed to determine where the problems are located. Could be a pelvic tilt issue, could be a leg length discrepency, could be a hip rotation deficit, etc.

If you are concerned enough about it to post on a message board, I would assume that you are concerned enough to find and go to somebody who can give you an in person evaluation and get on the right track. Once you determine WHAT the problem is, the rest should be easily fixed.


Thanks. I am up in the NJ/NYC area - do you guys know anyone that's reputable around this location?


Hey I've got a similar problem, I have had shoulder pain for over a year with 2 different diagnosis and two MRIs which showed nothing wrong. . .

A couple months ago I noticed a weird feeling in the left side of my groin, which then turned into pain after walking on it for a few days. . . within a week of limping mostly on my right leg, I got the same pain on both sides of my groin. . . I was told I "sprained" both sides of my groin. . . Got an Xray which showed my femurs were rotated. . . It also seems like my weight is constantly shifted more to my right side. .

Now my friends have noticed that my lower left rib seems to stick out more than my right? Could this be a problem with my hips or what? Who do I go to see about this? The ortho I went to about my shoulder and subsequent groin injuries looked at me like I was nuts and told me I needed a "left side transplant". . needless to say I refused to pay for the appointment