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Scapular Dyskinesis

Hey guys, just want to see what you think of my left scapula. I have slight scoliosis. I have also had problems with thoracic outlet syndrome but I strengthened my traps and rotator cuff and its come good. I also fell 6ft out of a tree 10 years ago and landed on my back.

My left shoulder naturally sits higher than my right which I thought was because of my scoliosis, but now Im thinking its because my left lower trap isnt holding my scapula down properly as it looks likes its not activating properly. Maybe I have some nerve damage around my lower left trap from the fall?

I noticed that whenever I do any overhead pressing I get pain in my left front deltoid and it feels like my left shoulder doesn’t “sit” it the joint at the top of the press.

Will this structural imbalance affect my training and is there any exercises you can recommend?

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As BBB has said, seems like a complicated case. The video suggests a winged scapula. On appearance, it looks like medial winging, which is suggestive of long thoracic nerve palsy, affecting the serratus anterior.

Check out this site, which succinctly summarizes the causes of winged scapula.

I would suggest you see a sports medicine physician for a formal evaluation and recommendations.