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Scapula Pain, Scar Tissue

One of my female friends has pain in-between her scapulas. She has gone to a chiropractor/masseuse and they said she has scar tissue that needs to be worked away. After my own ?look? I could feel the scar tissue and noticed she has horrible scapula depression/retraction control.

I was thinking about giving her a series of drills to work on her posture retraction/depression, rotator cuff movements and stretching?however, that will only fix her posture.

Are their any home ways to remove the scar tissue and kill the pain?

You could try massage, cross fiber massage should help. It will probably be a learning experience for both of you. You might like to do a bit of research first. Also static stretching after the massage may help the condition, though I’m sure it won’t be easy.

Another thing that may be of interest to research is trigger point therapy, I’m currently trying to learn about this and I’m sure it will be extremely useful regarding self treatment of aches & pains.

Foam rolling may help. When focusing on the area between the scapulae, have her hug herself to open that space up.

I’d check out these articles:


And anything on shoulders by Eric Cressey.

It could be a lot of things. I’d try serratus activation work because the downward rotators may be dominating the upward rotators. Read those articles thorougly and I think you’ll know what to do. Tennis ball works wonders too to loosen up stuff as well, like the rhomboids. Or some other type of ball, most people say tennis ball is too small.

Similar problem here. Mine is weak Serratus.

Lay on her back - mat or bench - hold a dumbbell in her hand with her arm straight up. Lift just the shoulder 3X10 each hand. Then adjust angle down toward lower chest, then up toward head. Move just shoulder, actually, it was said to me like this “push your arm up and keep your back on the mat.”

Also shoulder pushups give a similar workout for a changeup.