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Scaphoid Fracture

I had a hairline fracture of my scaphoid on the 9th, and had a cast put on it on the 19th. I stayed in that till the 29th, and now i have a spint that i wear.

Thet told me to continue to wear the brace, but also to try and get rnge of motion back in my wrist. Now i wear it 90% of the time, taking it off only to shower and stretch.

Im wondering has anyone had experience with this? Ive read that the pain can sometimes stay for months after the bone has healed…Right now i tape it up for 2nd block gym, and its bearable.

I basically want to know how much longer till i can lift again, its almost been a month since ive done ANY upper body work and i can already tell my muscles are getting smaller


Don’t rush a scaphoid fracture recovery. The scaphoid has a very poor blood supply and can heal slower compared to other bones. You do not want to re-fracture the bone, as the surgeries can be complex and recovery can be slow.

My advice - talk to your doctor. Listen to what the doctor advises and go from there.

I broke my scaphoid mountain biking. I am a dentist and I was scared it was not healing right because I had severe pain the whole time I was in the splint. It ended up being ok but it took a full 3 months and I could barely use my hand for another month after that. I would recommend being very diligent with your PT and do not take any risks of a non- union or a mal- union which could trow off your function or mobility in your hand .

I think ill be ok now, it seems like it heals in spurts. It’ll be 2wks today that ive been in a cast or brace, and i can do pushups with minimal pain. (just to test my mobility/strength) im guessing in about 2 wks ill be alright