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Scap Pushups


How often should I be doing these? My shoulders slump forward quite a bit, and have for a while (I just really started paying attention to this). Am I in any danger of over-doing scap pushups?


I do them as part of my warm up 3 days a week. It is an activation exercise more than anything else. Overdoing it? Not unless you have a world champion Sumo on your back sitting indian style.


It would be pretty tough to over do it, but you could if you did 100's of them everyday. I regard this as a mobilty vs. structural balance movement as well.

Regarding your forward slumping shoulders - what else are you doing to correct this?



PatMac. I figured I'd start with scap pushups, lots of stretches, scap walkouts. Maybe some things from Neanderthal no more.

Do you have any suggestions?


You'd benefit from rhomboid and low trap work.


Band Pull Aparts, Band Pull-Downs, Retraction first Rowing movements

Scap Wall Slides(activation)--> Low Trap Raises(strengthening)--> YTLW's(more difficult strengthening)
All the while queuing DOWN AND BACK on all rowing movements


Thanks. Good stuff. What about overhead strugs -- do they fit into this plan somewhere?