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Scap Pushups Progression

Hey. Can anyone think of any progressions for scap pushups? I’ve been doing 1 set 2x daily, adding 2 reps each week, which is quite easy to do. Now, the number’s got quite high and silly, and i want to find a way to make the exercise more challenging, and effective.


try adding a band around your back. or a weighted vest or backback

I’ve done a band before, which seems to add just the right amount of resistance.

Cressy has said that its more of an activation movement and adding weight isn’t really necessary.

Thib has said do either overhead or bench “extensions” where you put some weight on the bar and basically do the same movement, flexing the Serratus/Scapula.

I just use them as a warmup movement before my workouts and whenever I do mobility circuits.