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 I was just wondering...  Alot of people including myself are looking into these mail order places for pct goodies and all that.  I've placed an order about 4-5 weeks ago and haven't received anything yet.  I'm not calling these people scammers as I am willing to wait up to 8-10 weeks before I receiving my order.

I think the fact that this site dosen't allow us to post sites that sell "research chemicals" is very smart. What I am suggesting is whoever got screwed by one of these companies for one reason or another, to post them under this thread.

Just thought it could help some people out.

             best regards,
                          Tin Can


A site that does not sell anything, but rather has a database of info about scammers is on the gearpictures site. they offer pics and a list of known scammers.


Thanks for the quick reply. Well it's somewhat of a relief to see that the source I ordered from is not on that extensive list. However it hasen't been updated since 2003. But thanks again for the contact I will definetly take a look every now and then to see if there are any updates...

             best regards,
                          Tin Can


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i've only ordered two times online and in both cases my products arrived in under two weeks. that is my limited experience, havent heard about any other places.


is this a differnet website or someplace here at T-Nation. if it is here, how do i get there? thanks


8-10 weeks?>???!!!! WTF are you talking about bro, don't wait that long. Any reputable source should be in contact with you regularly and let you know when to expect things to come. It's not fucking dishware. It's a controlled substance and IMO you should wanna know EXACTLY (or as close as possible) to when it's going to arrive.