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After two cycles, one test and the other test + D-bol and seeing next to zero results. You can imagine am fully pissed off!!!!!
the first cycle I put down to inexperience and maybe what i thought at the time a non-perfect diet....the second just comfirmed what i now know!!!!

Initally after doing some research i chose my source of the web. A few people semmed to say it was ok and even a 'VET' on this site, that seemed to post with most people on here, recommended it to me.

Only after two fucked up cycles of putting god knows what into my cheeks, the only muscle i reckon i've put on is from the extra effect i was putting in thinking in was taking legit gear.....as it turns out my diet was good, as was rest and training

after some further research I.E typing into search engines are "%^&$.com scammers it turns out they either scam people, hand out weak gear or give out good gear. depending on your luck

I just wanna know is online ording a complete waste of time???? do you have to search and waste cash untill you find a good source????

I know there are a lot of thing like this out there but theres no real advise (genuine) on how to locate legit sources and weed out scammers!!

Please help


It would be to your best interest to join a site that offers source checks, preferably non-biased ones.


I think there are sites that list known scammers... I guess you could start filtering them out by those means? Otherwise I'm too new in this black art to offer any good advice


DOH has it right. Check out the source check...it's the light at the end of the tunnel :slightly_smiling:


There are boards where legit sources have advertised or have been referenced for years--there's a reason it's been years.





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true i understand that about selective scammers

Ok so i've joined upto sourcecheck.com and paid the registration fee, but is this not the kind of place where scammers set about there work?

the area where i live or sorry, that fact i can only really got to the gym at 6am in the morning means that i can only get to a gym gym, not a bollock kick sweat gym where it would be easier to source.


Ditto about who referred you - if it was me i apologise too - these things change from person to person.

Thats what you seem to misunderstand about 'scammers'. They are not 9or very rarely) a group of people aiming to scam from the outset, enrolling into source check sites with the sole purpose to get a good name so they can scam people.

More often than not it is 1) a real source that for one reason or another selectively scam, 2) a real source that has a dodgy worker or 3) a real source that refuses to resend 9and gets given a bad name on that basis only).

Of course there are the odd person who knows fuck all about AAS and pretends to be a source, ripping people off but the only people who would fall for this are really likely to get ripped from anyone as they are naive anyway.



i can't believe people pay for this information...like stated above join any basic free board with a sourcing section and observe, the guys that have been around for YEARS and have a consistent customer base are that way for a reason. although i do have to appreciate the business model of sourcecheck.com...crap i should have thought of that. take information that is readiily availiable for free and charge people for it...brilliant.


AND before you CONTINUE to waste more money on sources AND now on source sites - i suggest you pay attention to the quoted post.


Yes there are free source boards but the ones I know of have not had the best track record. Outlaw muscle for example, I used to read those boards quite often. They are an open source board and do have numerous valid sources but scammers also flock to the site. I have tried both outlaw and TSC and I personally prefer TSC.


Agree with Game Time on this. Keeping a site free of sources as sponsors makes a big difference. No mods taking freebies with the quid pro quo being a cleansing of negative comments... not a million people jumping in and condemning someone with a complaint... "he's a good bro", "he's gtg", "give him another week and then send him an email".


5.99/month is nothing when your spending hundreds, if not thousands, on gear.

Don't knock TSC till you try it. I personally think the set-up is second to none.


could be...you are right i haven't tried it...of course i have no need to so that could be a factor...but if it works for you good deal


Ok, educated nube here, medical background, with some serious interest in not getting scammed or bothered by any hound dogs. have had some access to some state-side pharmaceuticals, but no more...and I really don't want to loose money, shoot sh*t into my body, deal with the d.e.a. or be screwed by people with badges. I look at all the web sources and still have no clue which ones have been there for years (and i've been researching my cycle plans for at least a year). I might suck up the loss and join TSC, but i'm still the skeptic...really just want to take care of my bod and have to deal with all this crap. Glad some folks are out there with brains, and i'd appreciate any help. peaceout


Suck up the loss and join TSC? It's a measily 5.99 a month. If every day of the month, you asked ONE stranger for a QUARTER, you'd have enough money for a subscription to TSC AND and Double Stack at Wendys.

Gee wiz.


If every day of the month, you asked ONE stranger for a QUARTER, you'd have enough money for a subscription to TSC AND and Double Stack at Wendys.

Gee wiz.

Thanks for the sound and practical financial advice...I really wasn't worried about the cost, just the worth of their information. I value experience based information higher than most other sources. I also value info from folks with similar perspectives as me--it helps keep the advice pertinent. Thanks though


I'm sorry the example was too complicated for you.

If you're not "worried about the cost," Why don't you sign up for at least one month and check it out? I am in no way going to profit from you joining, why would I give you good information if it wasn't going to help you?

For some reason, I think you have no clue how TSC works. This is what makes me think this:

Honestly, do you have any clue how TSC works?

For some reason, this comment sounds to me as if you think that I "really want to loose money, shoot sh*t into my body, deal with the d.e.a. or be screwed by people with badges." Do you honestly think I want any of the things? I hate to break it to you kid, but we want the same thing: Good, clean gear, at an affordable cost, from a trusted source, without any legal issues.

Now, I'd love for you to explain how my advice isn't pertinent. You are looking for a source; one who provides you with good gear, good prices, and void of any legal issues. I am providing you with the means to that end, and instead of listening, you are choosing to sit on some imaginary high horse.

It isn't very often TSC is talked about publicly on this, or any other boards.

Ungrateful people these days.


the problem with source sponsored sites is negative comments are deleted almost immediately,they are heavily moderated to remove criticism and the mods get kickbacks to keep the sponsors looking "good to go bro"