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Scammed, Help Somebody

some one have mercy on me, since september last year I have been scammed 4 damb times. One of them I lost 430 bucks after I sent a small order to see if the source was legit and it came so I made quite a large order after that and losts a quarter of my damb pay check(around 4 mounths ago). Im runnin out of money and patience.

I know you guy don’t appreciate new people coming around here askin for sources but i’m really at the end of my damb line here and am lookin for some help. If somebody could atleast PM me with some kinda help it would be greatly appriciated.
thank you

Not to jump to conclusions, or make an instant assumption, but the combination of your name, and the fact that this is your first post is something any level-headed vet would find unconvincing.

Then again, I could be wrong.

trolls gett’en tricky these days! if it is a troll lol has me confused!

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Mary had a litle damb?